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Buck and the Angel

A young boy, Buck Lynch, fatherless and living with his dying mother in his grandparent’s home, has a strong belief in the power of prayer. But his faith is tested when a mysterious stranger claiming to be an angel leads Buck to believe he has come to make his mother well when he has actually come for his mother’s life on Christmas Eve.

Written by:
Author Bio:
James is the author of fifteen screenplays and three novels adapted from their original screenplays and available on Amazon. BUCK and the ANGEL, A COP’S STORY and BLOODY BUSINESS are available in the Kindle book store in digital download and paperback. James’ character, Travis Starr, returns from A Cop’s Story, retired and now a private investigator in Bloody Business. James’ screenplay, THE SHELTER, was optioned once in 2003 by Anything but Hollywood films, and again in 2006 by Ryan Harper of Your Half Pictures in Los Angeles.

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Contest Results:
PAGE International (Third Place) [2019]
Emerging Screenwriters Family (Quarterfinalist) [2022]
ScreenCraft Family (Quarterfinalist) [2021]
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