One evening, LUCIO just got beaten up. Afterwards, he went to the bar to get drunk. By the time he was too tipsy, he went to the edge of building to commit suicide. He was so drunk and hopeless that night until CORY found her and stop him from committing suicide. It was indeed a blessing in disguise for LUCIO since that night they were both strangers. Later on, LUCIO woke up undress and wonder where he was. Then CORY appeared in front of him as if there’s something happened between them. But CORY explain everything and despite being strangers she trusted him. In the long run, that first acquaintance lead to their closeness until secrets slowly revealed that made them realized they’re already connected.

Written by:
Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Direk Bee is a former actor and script writer in CCTN-47 (one of the local channel in Cebu, Philippines) from 2011-2014. His works includes Bino (Wine), Boardmates, Unos (Wave), Tunob sa Kagahapon (Footprints from the Past), Immoral, Pasaylo (Forgiveness), Kahigayunan (Chance), Marco, Mascarade, Ako,ikaw og ang Gugma (You and Me and our Love), I Love You Ma'am, and Posas (Chain) where he played as the lead. He's also a wattpad novel writer who won Watty's 2016 with his masterpiece entitled "Connected".

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