What We Do in the Shadows:

Guillermo discovers Nandor is interested in dating Guillermo's cooler-than-thou sister, while Laszlo and Nadja try parenting a little Victorian ghost child.

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Janalyn Li Steele is a Chinese-American filmmaker and screenwriter who writes both whimsical dramedies and dark, intense dramas. Janalyn has sold a show. She is a CBS Writers Mentoring Program finalist. Janalyn is also a 2017 Fellow for CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment). Janalyn won First Place in the 2019 Cinequest Screenwriting Competition for Teleplay (60 minutes). She's written, directed and produced two short films: one noir-influenced and one sci-fi.

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Fresh Voices Pitch (First Place, 2021 FRESH VOICES SCREENPLAY ) [2021]