I never knew the man I married

Mubby I never knew the man I married Scene 1 Joy is carrying a hole and machete on her hand going to the farm, when mama amaka saw her Mama amaka : joy my daughter Joy : mama Amaka good morning Mama Amaka : morning how was your night Joy : fine thank you ma and yours Mama Amaka : great, this one you are holding machete and hole were are you going to JOY : hmmm I just want to go chack how my farm is and to check if my casava is due to harvest Mama Amaka : oyaaaa do quick so you can meet up before the sun rises Joy : okay ma They both left Scene 2 The next day she was sweeping her compound when she saw a man putting on a rough cloth looking like someone who was lost trying to find a helper Daniel : hello, good morning Joy : morning Daniel : am new in this village and I need a plays to stay ma please I don't know how you can help please ma Joy : ha I feel your pain, but the thing is that I don't have a place for you hear but just check if you can see any one that can help you now please just try somewhere else Daniel : thanks ma okay let me see if I can see someone else Joy : yeah just check around Scene 3 Daniel he has walk all over the village but nobody seems to help so he decided to stay under a tree, when joy came to pass that same road and she saw him lying down and she walk up to him. Joy : hello sir hello (you hit him on his leg) Daniel : ya ya hi

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My name is abdullahi mubarak from kogi state am just 17 years etc