In Between The River

Kyle and Katie think their interesting life is normal but their dad hides a devious secret that separates the family and influences their fates.

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I love the movies and when my drama teacher (senior year in high school) told me I should write instead of act (since I kept changing the lines) I took her advice and started writing screenplays during my time as a Prineville Hotshot in 1984 and made some gains (an agent for a year, and the semi- finals of a contest) After five screenplays, I took a break to gain true life experience. (since it was hard to get a screenplay read back in that day) I spent way too much time as an ED Huc (screenplay about that coming soon) then when I watched the Oscars in 2017 and guessed most of the winners, I knew it was time to restart my true passion.

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Contest Results:
Filmmatic Drama (Finalist) [2019]
Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist) [2019]
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist, newest/favorite version) [2020]
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