Finding my truthful self after experiencing nightmare in my past

She struggled in silent for years and couldn’t trust anyone to talk about the dirty and painful things that has happened to her as a child. When she did trust someone after suffering for 20 years in secret with depression, ptsd, anxiety and lost her identity because of her past. She felt not being understood from the people around her.   After walking for years in a painful and unwanted circle, she finally find what she has been looking for.

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My name is Thulani Tomose.

It is a big dream of mine to make a movie out of my chaotic, painful, difficult past.

My goal with this Movie is to show those people who are suffering in silent with Mental and Emotional pain that they can overcome their uncontrollable painful flashbacks of their past. I want to show those who are suffering in silent and have lost hope to show them it is also for them ways.

I want to reduce those who sees no way out because of their mental and emotional pain show that they can also heal and they are not dependent on nobody for their inner healing.

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