What Happened To America

To say it is a pleasure to meet you or have you read one word that I have written is an understatement for sure. As the author of the two books attached, I have some readers and I have some experience writing as well. I have never approached anyone about writing for Screen or TV though. What I do know is that today I have a story that needs to be told to the masses before it's too late. I began writing about certain subjects when I was 16 years old that are now really coming into fruition. I can't really say that they were official predictions but I was saying that these things were going to happen if we didn't change. I have been studying about racism, discrimination, oppression, partisan politics and the final result that it's all been leading up to for 40 + years now. Right this minute we are on the threshold of some really big trouble and that's why I said I hope it's not too late for you and I to inform the world. My Studies have all led up to the fact that the racism, partisan politics, and Relentless media abuse has led to our enemies seeing us in a much weaker state almost daily. The types of enemies that we have are the type that attack historically when they see a country in such a weak state. To break it down a tiny bit more without wasting too much of your time. When the people of a country talk bad about each other it makes the country look bad to the outside world. When the politicians of a country talk bad about each other and appear to be accomplishing nothing, it makes that country look bad and weak. When the media of a country displays the stupidity of the public and the ignorance of the politicians it completely destroys the reputation of that country. And of course in this case were talking about the United States. To say that we have enemies that will attack is certainly an understatement because so many have already threatened to do so. They are watching us right now and they are laughing. They see what's going on and they know that this is the opportunity for them to become known as the greatest country in the world by wiping us out and taking over. We are so involved in ourselves, technology and a quick Paced Society that we have no idea for the most part what is really going on and what it can really lead to in the blink of an eye. This story needs to be told to the United States in particular as a Warning. The story should be told as if the attack actually takes place and the Takeover is completed. It should show all of our wives, mothers and children being wiped completely off the planet. It should be almost brutal and punishing to view in order for the population to take notice. There have been many stories and movies about Armageddon, the end of the world, nuclear war and the likes thereof. However, there has never been a story told that shames every single one of us as it is laid out in such graphic display. There needs to be a true sense of guilt and fear following the release of this film project. We have to make the people change. We have to make the politicians change. Then we have to make the media change the way they present all of us. So in order to change that many people which is All Of Us, it has to be Brutal and Real. Most stories or thriller movies of this type involve certain groups or regions of people. But, this project should really reach in and shame everyone and then let it get uglier from that point on. The workup should basically be making everyone feel guilty for something they should not have done or said at some stage in their life. Then once you put everyone's weaknesses on full display, you drop the bomb or the chemical or the virus or maybe ALL 3 on them, and let them see what it's like when everybody dies. In this movie or film project the only people left at the end are the bad guys. No Happy Endings. No Sense Of Reward. Everyone should be frightened to death When they leave this film project. It should be a project that really makes a change in our society all together. As Mentioned, It is a story that should be told before it's too late. We have taken every step towards self destruction that I have written about since I was 16 except the last one. Thus the urgency. Seriously! Bo Pruitt 239-362-4517

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Author Of Life's Tough People Need Answers on Kindle and Newly Released: Saving The World And Meaning It I have been a study of all the issues you read about in logline for 40+ years.