At Chilocco, an actual government boarding school in the 1930’s where runaways are hunted for bounty, a Cherokee girl, bullied by a gang of Ponca Indian girls and abused by a white female supervisor, discovers that she has a worse problem. A white teacher who is a sexual predator is stalking her. She must find a way to weaponize in a world that holds her captive and considers her expendable.

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Phil Lombardi, a retired attorney, is now working on a second profession in writing. His debut screenplay EDDIE THE KING, a modern adaptation of Oedipus the King (public domain), was awarded BEST SCREENPLAY at the Milestone Worldwide Film Festival in Battipaglia, Italy, awarded BEST SCREENWRITER at the European International Film Festival in Saint Petersburg, and awarded FIRST TOP SCREENPLAY at the 12th Jaipur International Film Festival 2020, with additional selections as FINALIST in the Pitch Now Screenplay, the Screenplay Festival in Sherman Oaks, California, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship in Los Angeles, Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards in Los Angeles, and the Las Vegas International Film and Screenplay Competition, and SEMIFINALIST in the Ojai Film Festival and Indie Visions Film Festival.

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