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The intriguing Sci-Fi fictional story Extinct is the illustration of human evolution visually narrated by a fictional main character that will be traveling though time from the beginning of time the big bang all the way up to today. Looking for a change after the death of his wife, a plane crash leaves a man meeting God to travel through time and see the process of extinction, the rise of man and show him the importance of life. This intriguing sci-fi fiction illustrates human evolution through the travels of Max, a scientist and martial artist who is moving cross-country after losing his wife. He carries his research on human evolution during the prehistoric time is the last thing he hears before the plane crash lands. Max wakes at the beginning of time, and a mysterious figure who guides him through the rise of mankind. Traveling through the Jurassic, Roman and Industrial eras, Max will learn the importance of living in the moment and why man has come so far. Script Excerpt