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Red Crucible

A Polish Jewish communist escapes the clutches of the invading Nazis only to be enslaved in the gulag of the USSR.

Written by: Ira Altman    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: A young Warren Beatty
Angelina Jolie (love interest)
11 year old boy
In the Vein Of: Unbroken

Posted: 02/09/2015
Updated: 03/02/2019
Author Bio:
Ira Altman.


Archive # 5680 Red Crucible Reader # 8047 for Blue Cat screenplay competition.

I love this writer’s knowledge of the time period about which he writes. Beautifully described ‘small’ moments (one that comes to mind: in the impoverished two-room flat, Lev rises, places his quilt over Hendl and her two children…) as well as effectively illustrated ‘big’ moments (for example, one can practically FEEL the slipping and sliding as the sleigh overturns on page 77) show us what life was like in this time of upheaval.

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