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Only In America

A young man is shoved violently, out of spite, into the U.S. Army at the height of the Vietnam War. They know he doesn’t belong-- and he’s finding all the wrong ways to get out.

Written by: Arty Finkelstein & Andrew Garrett    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Jensen Ackles
Demetri Martin
Jack Nicholson
In the Vein Of: M.A.S.H.
Full Metal Jacket
Posted: 03/24/2013
Updated: 07/08/2019
Author Bio: Arty Finkelstein made it through the 60s, but getting out of the Army nearly killed him. This is his first screenplay.

Andrew Garrett has worn many hats, from video game tester to amusement park ride operator, and still hopes to take people on rides for a living--just at the movie theater.

Contest Results:
Sacramento Fest (Semifinalist) [2017]
True Story (Semifinalist) [2016]
Adapted Screenplay (Quarterfinalist) [2015]
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