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ScreenCraft Drama Screenwriting Competition

ScreenCraft Drama


Feature film dramas drive deep into the heart of what it means to be human, expressing universal themes with nuanced complexity. Our judges are looking for great stories with original voices and honest emotion. This competition celebrates great dramatic film writing. Whether you’re writing a sweeping period drama or a contained relationship movie, we want to read your script! All entries are eligible for optional feedback from a studio-trained professional reader (highly recommended).

Deadline/Entry Fees

Deadline Date
Days till:
Entry Fee
Early June 30, 2024
Regular July 31, 2024
Final August 31, 2024

Notification: Oct 16: Quarterfinalist; Nov 13: Semifinalist; Dec 11: Finalist; Jan 22: Winner.


Please see website for rules.


Please see website for awards.

ScreenCraft Drama

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ScreenCraft Drama Feature Script Contest

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Drama Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has announced the quarterfinalists of their 2018 Drama Screenplay Competition, selected from more than 1,000 submissions.

#1 at the Apocalypse Box Office, by Margaret MacDonald
#Blessed, by Shawn Gerrard
65 South, by Thomas Southernland
A Burnished Rose, by Christine Keleny
A Fair Go, by John Marco
A Fox in Zion, by Michael Aakre
A Guy Named Heart, by Miguel Lopez
A Kind of Marriage, by Charles Leipart
A Life, by Zachary Levine
A Little Too Broken, by Brad Vance
A Man's Castle, by Joseph Whaley
A Modern Times Romance, by Sam Kench
A Ulysses Robinson Mystery, by Katie Rogin
A Wedding in Sorrento, by Karen Lothan
Accidental Patriot, by JD Deane
Accidental Stalker, by Courtney DeStefano
After the Under Ground, by Amisha Patel
Ain't No Cowboys in Nashville, by Christopher O'Bryant
Albatross Gardens, by Lee Whitten
Ali, by Hasan Malik
America's Children, by Michael Martorano
American Venus, by Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds
An End to the Means, by Martha Dunne
An Unbalanced Line, by Kristy Leigh Lussier
Angel of Rain, by Lawrence Kennon
Area 51, by Camryn Kanew
Baba, by Luis  Soto & Alex Benitez
Behind the Badge, by John Martins III
Beyond the Gap, by Zach Waggoner
Beyond the Walls, by Joanna Alpern
Black Actress, by Andrew Wainner
Blackbird in Brooklyn, by Alexandra Faria
Blackwell, by Tracey Bradley
Blood and Ivory, by Robert Porter
Blue Cadillac. White Girl., by Lamarr Gray
Blue Earth, by Aaron Brophy
Blue Moon Lullaby, by Katie Streicher
Bobby Kyle, by Richard  Mallett
Born Again, by Sam Daniel
Breaking Codes, by Gregory Bell
Broken Wings, by Robbert Marcel Snijders
Bunker, by Travis Ross
Caracas, by John Kennedy
Cataumet, by Matthew Percival
Catfish And The Crabs, by Sojean Peou
Challenger, by Skye Emerson
Challenger, by Skye Emerson
Char and the Chameleon, by Zach Waggoner
Chasing Daylight, by Robert Remy
Children of an Elder God, by Kevin Brettauer
City of Trees, by Christian Lybrook
Clouds Over Dahlias, by Adam Moss
Cold Brook, by Matthew R. Lacombe
Comic Book Kings, by Amanda Keener
Cottontail, by David Paterson
Cowboys and Indians, by Jan Martinet
Crimson Plain, by Stephen James
Crystal Youth, by Ahmed Fara
Dark Falls, by Dane Elcar
Dark-Skinned Girls, by Edith Cheng
Dead on the Inside, by Selene Raffel
Dear Dad, by Candy Fox
Death Games, by Bobby Gorman
Desdemona, by Nelson Downend
Driftwood, by Carl MacLaren
DTF, by Daniel Gentile
Eastern Son, by Y.S. Kim
Electronic Sounds from a Still Heart, by Finley Mulligan
Enriquillo, by Ron Basso
Eternal, by Amber Brown
Eulogy to a Heavyweight, by Benjamin Farry
Ex-Husband in the Drunk, by Carla Kanthak & Carl Zittrer
Exiled, by Matthew Miller
Farishta, by Patricia McArdle
Fast Fashion, by David Mandell
Father Mucker, by Peter Gazdag
Fellini Nights (Everybody Comes to Chief's), by Peter Nohrnberg
Fidelis, by Kate Dooley
Firefall, by Deirdre Brenner
Fireflies, by Amanda Keener
Flora, by Don Shroll
Forever, My Heart, by Pricilla Kumar
Franny, by Travis Weedon
Freedom to Love, by Jeza Belle
Fried Eggs, by Michele Cannon
Gatewood, by Peter Malone Elliott
Glaslyn, by SJ Davis
God is a Bullet, by Sharon Moore
Goodbye, My Brother, by Jason Grote
Granite, by Darrin Reed
Hanna Glade, by Leslie Witter
Heart, by Daniel Lauder
Hemorrhage, by Kathryne Isabelle  Easton
Homeward Brother, by Alec Garcia
Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow, by Harold Brown
House of David, by Melissa Alfredson
In Between The River, by Tishia Malone
In the Backseat, by Rozemarijn in ‘t Veld
In the Dark of Day, by Patrick Allebaugh & Brad Baranzano
Incarnations, by Albert M. Chan
Incidental Contact, by Becca Mann
Increments, by David Thyssen
Indian Billy Ice, by Jerry Ice
Innocent One, by Christopher Buonopane
Inside Passage, by Bryan Fierro
Interwoven, by Cari Daly
Into Silence, by C. Andrew Hall
Into the West, by Matthew Dixon
Jacob's Ghost, by Laura Wiand
Jaya, by Puja Maewal
Jesumina, by Claudia Kindl
Jocko, by Derek Vitatoe
Junction, by Emma Schranz
Kaffarah, by Tom Rossi
Keeping Granny Alive, by Tim Neavin
Kendal, by Gabrielle Blackwood
King James, by Collin Blair
Kyd's Game, by Marc Rosenberg
Last of the Burly Girls, by John Pisano-Thomsen
Last Place To Go, by Michael Beck
Last to Fall, by Jim Maceda
Layla, by Mohammed Mamdouh
Leave Justin Alone, by Dan Grassi Jr.
Liberation, by James Marzo
Life After Life, by Andres Rivera
Little Brother, by Sheridan O'Donnell
Little Choice, by Tanya Gust
Lost At Sea, by Austin Kase
Love is Free Will, by Amanda Samaroo
Magnus Rex, by Timothy Burnham
Make Time, by Jon Medici
Man in a Cage, by kevin Bachar
Marshland, by Zachary Huskins
Marty Zipco's Ballroom, by Scott Jacobs
Marvin, by Jason Gilmore
Mary Astor's Diary, by Jennifer Cheyne
Meeting the Monster, by Daryl Busby
Men, by Rebecca Dreyfus
Mendel High, by Damone Bester
Midnight at the Movies, by Jen Gutierrez
Midnight Monster, by Jonathan Wymer
Mile Queens, by Alan Loubeau, Rachel Loubeau & Greg Huge
Minyan, by Adam Ansell
Miss, by Judith  Rose
Mojo, by Joanne Bellew
Ms. Greer, by Alica Gwinner
Murmansk Run, by John MacRitchie
My Grandfather's Ashes, by Enkelejd Lluca
My Summer In Zelienople, by Brian Kazmarck
NancyGirl, by David McMahon
Nature of the Beast, by Aaron Kozak
Need, by Cote Bellard
Neon Sundown, by Russ Lindway
No Forgiving, by Martina Sternfeld
Noir 101, by Katie Rogin
Numbers, by Christos Kardana
Oath, by Paul Frank
Of Flesh and Blood, by Jeremy Frazier
Oglethorpe's Knife, by Dennis Sellers
Oh Mists, My Mists, by Guilherme Viegas
On Time, by Xavier Burgin
Operation Babylift, by John McCarney
Other People's Houses, by Jac Cron
Out Cold, by Tracy Scarlato
Outside the Wire, by Reinhard Cate
Over the Mountain, by Michelle Holt
Pale Horse, by Landon McDonald
Paper Thieves, by Michael Mirabella
Paris, Midwest, by Tristan  Peach
Pathfinders, by Martin Arnest
Pieces, or A West Hollywood Club Called Rage, by Chris Phillips
Plato's Cave, by Andrew Proctor
Pop, by Y.S. Kim
Pot Committed, by Jordan Sandfer
Private Thompson's Secret War, by Gina DeAngelis
QB, by Lee Kunz
Rainbows and Silver Buckles: The Adventures of Joe And Muz, by Stuart Schulz
Reality Fiction, by Eric Weber
Rebel Girls, by Carol Faw
Rebuilding Laura, by Jennifer D'Angelo Swain
Red Dog Down, by Randall Blair
Red Willow, by John Murphy
Release, by Stacie Shellner
Remember the Ladies, by Gina Mulligan
Reverend Went Walking, by Gary Allison
Reverse Discrimination, by Raynard Goodman
Riis, by Daniel Schwabauer
Riv er, by Terry Crist
Rock, Pretty Mama, by Katie Streicher
Rosetown, by David Hudacek
Ruth, by Hosea Chanchez & Cru Ennis
S.H.A.R.P., by Josh Auter
Salome Magic, by Jackie Bateman
Saluda, by Tim Westland & Rod Thompson
Saving Washington, by Jane Hampton Cook
Schrödinger's Andy, by Jim Griffin
Seer, by Steven Briggs
Seraphim, by Frederic Redfern
Shadowman, by Mike Miller
Shells, by Justin Horowitz
Shepherding Cassie, by Michael Oborn
Shine a Light, by Jordan Blilie
Shoot the Sun, by Jeffrey Doiron
Shrimp, by Nicole Jones
Shunned, by kevin Bachar
Small Town Girl, by Rosemary Zibart
Small Town Remedies, by R.W. Perkins
Smarter, Not Harder, by Ryan Allsop
Snog, by Paul Holbrook
Sod Man, by Cam Patterson
Something Round, by Nikhail Asnani
Sons of My Mother, by Amanda Prentiss
Spiders Way, by Thomas Fucci
Spirals, by Manu Rewal
Splinter Hold, by Kristen Roche
Staring into Infinity, by Nicholas Carleton
Stealing Right From Wrong, by Dane McCauley
Stone, by Tom Foran
Successful Steps for Coping with Cancer, by Olivia Bono
Sunbeam, by Frederick Jones
Sunshine, by Christina Catucci
Surrender, by Bill Mesce
Syrup, by Alexa Green
Tainted, by Brad Turner
Temperance Mountain, by Sean Oliver
That One Friend, by Lawrance Cuellar
That's Life, by Ryan Parker
The Big C, by Scott Kesselring
The Body Under the Bed, by Priscilla Smith
The Boy with the Pink Triangle, by Amy Reedy
The Broken Heartland, by Tyler Kennedy
The Carrington Affair, by Devon Lehr
The Coffin Club, by Joel Santner
The Countess, by Irina Rodriguez
The Courageous Life of Jeremy Braxton, by Emily Maroutian
The Cuban Rose, by Dave Caldwell
The Deed, by Brady Morell
The Dreamer of Dreams, by David Kushner & Joshua Bullock
The Driven, by Richard  Mallett
The Empty Sea, by David Poulshock
The Escape, by Geoffrey Sanborn
The Fourth Psalm, by John Martins III
The Girl in the Navy Blue Sweater, by Laura Carrione
The Great Illusion, by Oscar Cardenas
The Greatest Show on Earth, by A. S. Thompson
The Guardian Monk, by Paul H. Magid
The Hammer, by Jason Hunter
The Hanging Man, by Esther Geller
The Head Hunter, by Sophie Dawson
The House That Jack Built, by Jill Russell
The In-Between, by Eric Perchuk & Carly Okyle-Perchuk
The Indifference League, by Richard Scarsbrook
The Innocent and the Vicious, by Dominique Genest & Nick Kreiss
The Italian Lover, by Suzanne Griffin
The Kids, by David Hudacek
The Last Set at the Vanguard, by Diana Cobbold
The Man by the River, by Bryan Kelsey
The Memory Bank, by Daniel Cooper & Adam Cooper
The Myth of Mathew, by Rodrigo Moreno
The Nature of It, by Kate Kelsen
The Night Walk, by Nikhail Asnani
The Ones Who Know, by Barbara Johns
The Orchard, by Christopher Haber
The Other Way Out, by Christopher O'Bryant
The People With The Guns, by Hale Garrison
The Perpetrator, by Jessica Franz
The Plains, by Alexia Bourne-Maison
The Portent, by Esther Agulian Carr
The Report with Bob Hirschel, by Josh Kaukl
The Road to You, by Kelli Barton & Amy Molina
The Rose, by Tavyn Gentry
The Russian Diary, by Dylan Brann
The Season, by Richard Mallett
The Secret of Isabel, by Regiane Margonar Reis
The Split, by Nicola Green
The Summer of Rake, by Zlatina Pacheva
The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures, by Wendy Young
The Sweet Science, by Alec McKay
The Three Lives Of Angel Fleming, by William LiPera
The Thursday Whaler, by Damien Mulvany
The Tobacco Monster, by Craig Michael Beck
The Tuna Goddess, by Paul Schuyler & Jade Schuyler
The Tunnel, by Peter  Koslik
The Twelfth of Never, by Anne Carmack
The Ugliest Word, by Annie Margis
The Understudy, by Jenna St. John
The Weight of Lies, by Amanda Samaroo
The Weight of Planes, by Debra Farea
The Wood Man, by Kevin Sheridan
This Shining Piece of Earth, by Kevin Coulton
Thoughts and Prayers, by Matthew Hoch
Three Heavens, by Andrew Wankier
Three Months in Your Hometown, by Gregory Noel
To Bless & To Be Blessed, by Boris Michalik
To the Stars and Back, by Hugh Schulze
Torch, by Jason  McBeth
Toy, by Brian Hernandez
True Conviction, by James Gulian
Tucumcari, by Kristin Goodman
Tussle, by Aaron Yarber
Under a Broken Moon, by James Nguyen
Under Foreign Skies, by James Geltz
United We Fall, by Matthew Dixon
Unsound, by Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro
Venomous, by Rachel Linehan
Waiting Games, by Jeffrey Field
Warbrave, by Andres Rivera
Wasps, by Scott Turner
West Point Wives, by Ann Buchanan
Western Approaches, by Andrew Judge
What We Leave Behind, by Osagie Jesuorobo
When A Woman Walks In, by Art Nadler
Whyoming, by Kelvin C.  Bias
Widow's Grove, by Ivan Kotevski
Wild World, by Anne Carmack
Will Be the Strength, by Robb Hanson
Winter Jasmine, by Jennifer Cooney
Without, by Christopher O'Bryant
Word Over Word, by Tonia Davidson
Writing With The Mob, by Joshua Louis
Yonder, by Tony Gonzalez
Zharkov's Masterpiece, by Elizabeth Samaroo

Updated: 10/22/2018

ScreenCraft Drama Feature Script Contest

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