ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

ScreenCraft Fellowship


Past ScreenCraft-winning writers have been hired by producers, optioned their projects to major studios, and signed with top representatives at CAA, WME, 3 Arts Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Anonymous Content, Paradigm Talent Agency, Untitled, ICM, Writ Large, Bellevue Productions, Romark Entertainment, Lit Entertainment and many others.

The chosen Fellowship recipients will receive ongoing professional support and a special trip to Los Angeles for meetings, mentorship and personal introductions to key entertainment studio executives, producers, literary managers and agents. To apply, simply submit your feature film script or original television script, along with an optional cover letter that expresses your vision and background as an emerging writer. Show More

Deadline/Entry Fees

Deadline Date Entry Fee Days till Deadline
Early December 31, 2021 $59.50 27
Regular January 31, 2022 $69.50 58
Final February 28, 2022 $79.50 86


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ScreenCraft Fellowship

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ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Contest News

ScreenCraft Names Fellowship Quarterfinalists

ScreenCraft has announced their ScreenCraft Fellowship quarterfinalists, selected from almost 4,300 submissions. Semifinalists will be announced on April 28th.

"Anesthesia", by Matt Fuller
"Damsel on a Quest", by Jocelyn Manns & Ryan Manns
"Noir", by Monika Arceneaux
"Nydus Gaming", by Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
"Orchid Heist", by Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
"The Pulpit", by Tosin Morohunfola
"X", by Stéphanie Joalland
@MurderHouse, by James Mulcahy
#Karen, by Nicole Jones
#Murder, by John Miller
1066, by Ben Mansbridge
2 6 8, by Marcus Ashley
23 and Who?, by Kimberly Marcelino
6,000 Doughnuts, by Thomas Tosi
A Child Abuse Script, by Mikhail Marks & Ariel Marks
A Christmas Cheer, by Clint Ford
A Deutsch Tale, by Brendan Fitzsimmons
A Father’s Son, by Francesco Blasonato & Myles Blasonato
A Generous Man, by John Gillen
A Lady Among Lions Episode 1: New Blood, by Meghan Thompson
A Lock and a Hard Place, by Caren Kennedy
A Need to Kill, by Mark Pettit, AJ Jones
A Satisfied Mind, by Emily Rutkowski 
A Summer Away, by Adam Smestad
A Sunny Way to Die, by Martin Fleming
A Tale of a Thousand Nights, by Laila Ujayli & Zaina Ujayli
A Thin Blue Line, by Jason Chukwuma
A Thousand Slimy Things, by Evan Larson
A White and Savage Land, by Alex Rivers
A Zoo Story, by Felicia Romeo
A.A. – Afterlife Anonymous, by Sarah Meiklejohn
A.I. P.I. , by Ian Patrick Williams
Acrobatshit, by Jack Olin
Across Troubled Waters, by Hillian Siu
Ada, by Jason Porath & Emily Rifkin
Admissions, by Allison Theveny
Adonis, by Ben Tedesco
After 17, by Rebecca Baruch
After Neverland, by E.R. Womelsduff
Ain’t No Cowboys in Nashville, by Christopher O’Bryant
Air Kiss, by gio forlenza
Airwaves, by Dax Xenos
Alaska, by Baakal Geleta
Alive: A Frankenstein Reimagining, by Aimee Dansereau
All Blood Runs Red, by Douglas Raine
All that Glitters, by Susan Marks
All The Flowers Speak In Tongues, by Sergio Vaccaro
All Thirty, by Charlie Salek
Almost Blue, by Sheriden Jackson
Alms, by Sammi Bregman & Keola Jean-Joseph
Alphabet Soup, by Ron Artis Jr.
Amauteurs, by Chris David Smith
Amazônia, by Leticia Ayroza
American Doctor, by Veronica Reyes-How
American Infamy , by Takeo Hori
American Kingdom, by Sonia Sebastian & Deborah McNulty
Among Kings, by Joey O’Connor
An Acquired Taste, by Jeanette Campbell
An Acquired Taste , by Jeanette Campbell
Angel Island, by Kevin Shen
Angels of War, by Natalie Bergman & Victoria Rau
Anita Taco , by JT O’Neal & Cher Ferreyra
Ann’s Song, by Michelle Caruso
Anne Bonny, by Hannah Silverman
Antiheroes – "Promoted", by Abraham Ross
Antivenom , by Charlie McLravy
Apart, by Hunter Davis
Apocalyptical, by Reynaldo Garza
Apollo 19, by Ray Gettman Bush
Approaching Sunset, by Dennis Coleman
Art Imitates Life, by Justice Whitaker
Artemisia, an Allegory of Painting, by Gisella Faggi
Artful, by Lydia Damon
Assisted, by Kelly Larson
At The Displeasure Of The President, by Brian Cohen
Attrition, by Alainna MacPherson
ATX Pilot: Ride the Bull, by Ilana Garcia-Mittleman
Aurem, by Denise Papas Meechan
Aurora, by Joseph Lee
Baby Sis, by Alexandra Qin
Backup Plan, by Tom Jordan
Bad Choice, by Gary Lippman
Bad Dog, by John Graney
Bad Habits, by Grace Shaffer
Bad Rep, by Jasmine Phull
Badlands Bully, by Nick Davis
Bake from the Dead, by Brittanie Maddox
Ball is Life, by Daniel Albino
Ballad of the Coconut, by April M. Sanchez
Barren, by Kaitlyn Clare
Based on All the Times I Thought I Knew Everything, by Lex Lapp
Be Prepared, by Gregory Noel
Beast of Virginia, by Matthew Corley
Beat Back the Wind, by Sabrina Mansfield
Beaumont, by Drew Johnson
Becoming Hillburns, by Joshua Laufer
Before Sundown, by Peter Rivera
Beirut, by Mira Z. Barnum
Benny Sad & the Wonderland for Dead People, by Shaun Perry
Berkeley, by Jay Tipirneni
Berth & Jane, by Amanda Cole
Besharam, by Luveza Mubashar
Beyond Death, by Christian Johnson
Big Girl, by Cyn Harris
Big Pharma (The Fix Is In), by Michael Caffrey & Noah Silverman
Big Shoulders, by Jennifer Piser Wright
Big Sisters, by Sander Gusinow
Billy & Ray  , by Mike Bencivenga
Biovolve, by Kyler Boudreau
Black Hat, by Robbie Bryan
Black Rain, by Fraser Denholm
Blackwater Burning, by Blake Smart
BLK_ICE, by Alexandria Sinclair
Blood & Soil, by Jason Chukwuma
Blood and Dreams – "Complicit", by Suzanne Griffin
Blood Ruby, by Chuck Driskell
Blood Thief, by Winnie Soldi
Blowback, by Eric Murphy
Blue Hustle, by Kisha Fernandez
Blue Sky, by Justin Giallonardo
Bonny, by Tanner Moody
Border Skirmish, by James Mulcahy
Borderline, by Joe Bonito
Born Again, by Richard Mathiasen
Borrowing Time, by Nate Herzog
Bounty, by Lee Ehlers
Boxed In, by Matthew Walker
Brainchild, by Maya Zivkovich
Breakfast in Saigon, by DMI Macdonald
Breast in Show, by Andrea Berting
Breck Doinkus and the Millennium Machine, by Alex Enriquez
Bright Side, by Maria Eliades
Brilliance, by Lauren Ferebee
Brimstone Blacktop, by Matthew Borlik
Broken Records, by Ridley Wright
Brother-Husbands , by Zach Waggoner
BTW, I’m An Alien, by J. L. Paxxiel
Bucky Johnson, by James Barnes & Garrett Vanderwielen
Bunny & Clive, by Dena Hysell-Cornejo
Burn It Down, by Patrick Lazzara
Burned, by Joshua Pitta
Butterfly – ‘The Witch and the Maid’, by Harriet O’Neill
C.R.Y.P.T.O., by Amanda Blush
California King, by Eli Stern
Call of the Crosswatchers, by Patrick Lehe
Calls To Virginia, by Jason Ruscio
Camouflage and Lipstick, by Lawrence Daly
Captain Jack and the Meeker Massacre, by Steven Antonuccio
Captain of My Own Ship, by Henri Roivas
Captive, by Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch
Cardef Hill , by Scott Parisien
Carmen Vengeance, by Tyler Ellzey
Carver High, by Dalia Caudle
Cavalier, by Sydney Painter
Cayenne and Dee, by Laura LeeLun
Chaotic Neutral: "Social Vigilante", by Aidan Woodall
Charlie Safe Home, by Jack C Irwin
Chasers, by Jason Coombs
Cheaters , by Brittany Harris & Caitlin Gallo
Cheese Thieves, by Sadie Rae
Cheet , by Murphy Roberts
Children Having Children, by Faith Strongheart
Chimera, by Michael Epstein
Chink in the Armor, by Andy Jiang
Chokepoint, by Tamra Teig
Chopin, by Vincent Lin
Christ is Back, by Laurence Rosier Staines
Christmas Time Is Here, by T.M. Hayes
Christopher Pan, by James Yantko
Cicada, by Jade Edwards
Cigar City, by Rene Thomas Rodriguez
City of Nightmares, by Madison Bishop
City Of Wolves, by Ilan Erez
Cleaners, by Drew Thornhill
Clearwater, by Ellen Young
Closet Case, by Jason Myles
Closures, by Christos Kardana
Cloud Of Witnesses, by William O’Leary, Vanessa Logan
CODE-S, by Jeanell Allen
codeswitch, by Sasha Kai Parker
Cold Hard Cash, by Tom Silva
Collaboration, by Alessio Franko
Colleen the Cult Queen, by Kevin DeBacker
Come Out Frighting, by Kevin Steele
Comfortably Numb, by Wyatt Mitchell
Commonwealth, by Jared Hardy
Connected Killers, by Zoe Perez
Consume, by Etan Muskat
Cops and Robbers, by Sean Sheer, Clark Beasley & Sean Logan
Copy Cat, by Millie Holten
Coriander: The Lost Elephant, by Jordan Sandfer
Cornfield Horrors , by Shar Carter
Countdown – "Dirt Hole Set", by Dan Regan
Counter Earth, by Ryan Vaughn
Couple Undone, by Kelvin Peakin
Covenant, by A.J. Hamer
Covenant, by Matt Hopper
Crabs In A Mother F*cking Bucket, by Kari Mote
Crazy Train, by Daniel Cieplinski
Crazy, Sexy, Murder, by Jesse Klein
Creation, by Marco Antonio Rodriguez
Creatures Down Below, by Brian Hershkowitz & Robert D’Orazio
Crimson Hollow, by Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
Crowded, by Cori Woods
Cryptophasia, by Taylar Morrissey
Curse of the Globe, by James Barrett & Tony Robenalt
Curveballs, by Suzanne Reed
Dalston Junction, by Chris Craymer
Daria, by Art Artunyanan & Ayoub Qanir
Darklight Academy, by Nicole Julian
Darkness Within, by Juhani Nurmi
Dating, by Abril Carpio Marion
Dating Dick, by Pamela Ryckman
Daughterhood , by Cecilia Albertini & Carmela Corbett
Daughters, by Christina Kingsleigh Licud
Days in the Dark: The Life of Vito Russo, by Terrence Cooper
Dead in Dixieland, by Sean Mogridge
Dear Marie, by Alex Forstenhausler
Death of a Nightingale, by Annika Pampel
Death With Benefits, by Melissa Cohen-Fyffe
Debt, by Christopher O’Bryant
Declaration of Conscience, by Beth Milstein
Decomposed, by Benjamin Sample
Delicate Arch, by Matt Warren
Deliverables, by Dmitry Sheynin
Demon City, by Michael Tracy
Derek is Being Weird, by Daniel Antoniazzi
Detroit Run, by Odin Ozdil
Devil in Watauga, by Michael Hubbard
Devil’s Lake, by Jay Fisher
Diary of a Madman, by Ryan Brennan
Dick Whirlpool: Ultimate Patriot, by Connor Donahue
Dicks, by Cristi Rumpza
Did You Say Blood?, by James Yantko
Dilation, by Mike Sheriff
Dirty Toff, by Sam Wright
Disco Rave Attack, by Daniel Pappas
DNA , by Heather Farlinger
Do You Take This Man? , by Becky Fink
Dog Mom, by Tamra Teig
Dog Of War, by Katterina Powers
DOM, by Georgia Ximenes Lifsher
Donegal ’70, by Faith Nolan
Dope Soul, by Peter Chung
Double, by Justin Sherman
Double Crossed, by F. F. Mormanni
Drag Rush, by Stacey Whitmire
Dream On, by Jake Ross
Driftwood, by Jonathan Melikidse
Dry Run: Purgatory, by Martin Fleming
Dub City, by Janelle Gray
Dungeon Crawlers, by Zach Wilson
Dust to Dust, by Cate Honzl
Dying To Love You, by Rena Varghese
Each Lovely Thing, by Paloma Nozicka
Eat of the Fruit, by Matt Hopper
Ectogirls, by Elena Perez
Edge of Eternity, by SR Isles
Edgewood, by Carolyn Lovie Davis
Eidolon, by Melissa Mitchell
Election Night, by Eboni Boykin
Elsinore, by Jared Michael Delaney
Empty Marquee, by John Ward
Enceladus, by Keshia Kola
Enemy, by Clint Williams
Erogenous Zone, by Sunny Sawhney
Esmeralda, by Ushmey Chakraborty
Esperanza , by Jamee Decio
Evacuation, by Aubrey Reynolds
Evergreens, by Travis J. Opgenorth
Excess , by Jonathan Flicker
Exclusive, by Joe Apatow
Exposure, by Michelle Aldridge
Ezekiel , by Vanisha Renee Pierce
F*#! The Man, by Caralyn Aufiero
Fab Girls, by Heidi Nyburg
Face On, by Justin Best
Family Spies, by Warren Clarke 
Far-Flung, by Rachael Brant
Faster Than Bullets , by Patrick Holden
Faster Than Horses, by Chris Mul & Michael Mul
FDNY, by Michael Burke
Fear, by Peter Jang
Fear City, by Eve Maleham
Featherweight, by Laurel Kulow
Feeling Gravity’s Pull, by Mark Brown
Fermentation, by Christine Garver
Fertile Attraction , by Mariah Wilson
Filmi, by Proma Khosla
Final Curtain Call, by Juliana Roth
Finding Faeries, by Lisa Harkus
Finding Santa, by Matthew Giacheri
Firebird , by Kathryn Machi
Firenze, by Steve Birger & Michael Lucid
First Hours, by Agathe Ferré
First Semester, by Lindsay Press
Fit For Duty, by Kathy Kron
Fits the Crime, by Steve Blame
Five Swords Under Heaven, by Logan Shaw
Fix Daddy, by Tex Gresham
Flaming Cold, by Jordan Gustafson
Floating World, by Kenneth Fultz Jr.
Flowers of Evil, by Jorge Enrique Alvarez
Flux Polar, by Ryan Conway
Flyover, by Heather Faris
Fools’ Fables, by Philip Hettinger
Forced: A Love Story, by Young-Sun Kim
Ford, by Andrew Judge
Forgive Me, David Bowie, by Marta Reeder
Fort Jupiter, by Ethan Von Zamft
Forward, by Samuel Nuñez
Four Floors in Raqqa, by Laila Ujayli & Zaina Ujayli
Four Square Miles, by Keith M. Preston
Fox Hill, by Dawn Gray
Fragments, by Reyam Rammahi & Lawrence Rothfield
Frankie Gal, by Roxana Altamirano
Fraudsters, by Gabriel Marinho
Free Huey, by Phillip Alan
Free Skate, by Josie Pesce & Rachel Goldfinger
Freedom Soldier, by Armelle Lajus
Friend Fiction, by Emily Rauch
Friends, by Daniel Klissmman
From Afar, by Andrew Guerrero
From The Bottom Of The Ocean, by Benjamin Forster
FTWGA, by Alexandra Joyce
Fuck New Rome, by Erik Sternberger
Fuckboi, by Warner Wood
Full Spectrum, by Dominique Remy
Funny Bones, by Alan Kelly
Galilee, Rhode Island, by Christina Tucker
Galileo P.D., by Richard Stokes
Garamba, by Aaron Wong
Garfield Park, by Sean Farley
Gayle, by Nathan Dame
Gemini, by Andrew Saunders & Tim Saunders
Genesis, by Vince Milazzo
Geoffrey’s Last Stand, by Anna Forsyth
Georgie and Beelzebub, by Sammy Leach
Georgie Greens, Soul Whisperer, by Régine Resbeut
Get Diva Laid, by Jack Tracy
Get Happy, by Thomas Douglas Mann
Ghost Tours, by Katie Ennis
Ghostrunner , by Jonathan Flicker
Giant Void, by Michael Reisinger
Glacier Point , by Alan R. Baxter
Glitter Box: Same Shit Different Show, by Jennifer Le Roux
Gloomtown, by Lyndal Simpson
God Mode, by Ash Willeby
God’s Own Heart, by Preston Fox
Gods Of The In-Between, by Miriam Lyapin
Going Nowheresville, by Sean Azze
Golden Age, by Noah Sellman
Golem, by Max Kinchen
Gone, by Garrett Spatz
Gone Pale, by Michael Thomson
Goodies, by Christopher Backs
Grace Canyon Ranch, by Jim Lopezzo
Graham and Lucy’s Strange Hobby, by Miles Unsworth
Grandeur, by Shaun Perry & Jay Perry
Grandfather Claws, by Miles Agee
Granuaile – Pirate Queen , by Laura Murphy
GrassRoots, by Kisha Fernandez
Great Ape War: Destroy the Ape Fortress!, by Dylan Cheely
Ground Zero, by David O’Rourke
Guardian, by Natalie Baseman
Gunsel, by John Ingle
Hal and the Hellmouth, by Carla Sraders
Haley Hill, by Stephen Tramontana
Halle Had Cancer, OK?, by Kate Herzlin
Hand of Nothing, by Harley Elias
Happy Campers, by Sarah Tither-Kaplan
Harlem, by Sheyda Tribble
Hartline, by Chuck Driskell
Harvest, by Jazmyn Wright
Harvester, by Dan Fiore
Harveybrook, Alaska, by Trevor Lawrence
Haunted, by Matt Taylor
Heard, by Alex George Pickering
Heart Strings, by Jasper Chen
Heir Apparent, by Yellowlees Douglas
Heist/Heist , by Takeo Hori
Henrietta, by Harry Aspinwall
Her Great Reward, by Paul Lavoie
Here For You, by Tessa Duke
Here To Stay, by Sara Robin & Shirley Miller
Hiawatha, by John Gillen
Hide, by Anna Gaskell
Hide/Survive, by Bradley Davis
Hideout, by Alex Montilla
High Priestess, by Nisa Neza
High School History, by Patrick Badescu
HIGHWAY 83, by Anthony Rainone
Highway Robbery, by Max Matejka
Hipster Hijabi, by M Q Taqarrabie
Hit or Stand, by Heather Hillstrom
Holy Man, by Richard Turgeon
Home, by John Mezes III
Homecoming, by Rae Binstock
Homegoing, by Carlton Daniel
Homeroom, by Ren Weeden
Hominine, by Heather Farlinger
Honor-bound, by Zimran Jacob
Hoop, by Gregory Abbey
Horrortale, by Trey Sorensen
Hot Streak, by Zimran Jacob
Hot Toddy, by Scott Cox
Hotel Mars, by Keith Saltojanes
House of Aegea, by Diana Lanham
How Beautiful It Is, How Easily It Can Be Broken, by Anne Lann
How I Became A Mafia Princess, by Sabrina Tosti
How I Learned To Blog Like A Champ After The End Of The World, by Nick Carmine
How To Find True Love When The Fucking World Just Ain’t Gay Enough, by Kimon Koufogiannis
How to Go Viral, by Mbugua Muchoki
How To Snatch A Crown, by Dan Hass
How to Succeed in Late-Stage Capitalism, by Carolina Ribeiro
Howl, by Ben Hicks
Howl, by Daniel Feldman
Howling at the Night, by Jonathan Lill
Hugs Not Drugs: Pilot, by Edward Dorsey
Hunting Home, by Cai Odu
I Am Your Guru, by Kyle Anderson & Steven Randolph
I Can See Clearly Now , by P.K. Silverson
I Knew You First, by Becky Fink
I Know What You’re Thinking, by Nick Hurwitch
I Love You, Margot Robbie, by Sav Rodgers & Taylor Gates
I OmegA, by Trina Thornbury
I Stop Somewhere, by Meredith Littas
I’ll Fly Away, by Wendy Dann
I’m a Prisoner in an Alien Zoo, by Adam Kaiser
I’m Ready to Go Anywhere, by Lynn McKee
I’m Sane, by Mercedes Mason
Identical, by Lauren Harris
If They Were Of Us , by Rosemary Griggs
If you could just hold on, by J’mia Love
Illegal, by Julio Gagne
Imaginary Friends, by Jack Hutsey
Immature, by Mickey Falcone
In Glass, by Leila Garrison
In Tent City, by Beverly Neufeld
In the American West, by Dylan Samson
In The Clear, by Nicole Falsetti
In the Garage, by Daniel Jackson
In the Shadows, by Adam Wells
In the Storm, by Vanita Borwankar
Indian Summer, by Madhu Powar Garg
Inherited, by Dennis Luu
Inn, by Benjamin Baraad
Inquisition, by Fernando Javier Alcivar
Inssurection, by Simon Bowler
Into The Dreamscape, by Jay Kasten
Intrinsic Innocence, by Jeremy Masterson
Ironwood , by Kelsey Wilson
Isolation, by Jamie Bowden
It Clings To Her, by Ariel Sinelnikoff
It’s a Shame, by Rodrigo Nones
Ivy, by Nicole Dawson
Jaded, by pp Hsiung
Jakayla, by J. Gabriel Ware
Jane Doe, by Sarah Brogren
Jellyfish: Pilot Episode "DAVID", by Trevor Bryant
Jersey, by David Schlow
Jesusland, by Jon Dittman & Zachary Grashin
Jewel, by Tamara Steren
Jin, by Jennifer Thym
Joe Hollywood , by Jane Henning
JPK, by Beverly Neufeld
June In Winter, by Luke Harvis
Junior Varsity, by Krista Gallagher
Kansas, Anymore , by Heather Farlinger
Kayla & Eddie En Français, by Iyabo Boyd
Keeping Willow, by Alicia Morote
Kellyanne, by David Allyn
Kevin’s Other Kevins, by Gordie Hvolka
Kill Your Landlord, by Thom May
King, by Jaime Osnato-Rosario
King of Lesotho, by Amadou Diallo
Kingdom Come, by Joseph Schlegel
Kiss Of Darkness, by Michael McClung
Knox County Nights, by Spenser Davis
Kosmos, by Alex Blumberg
LA Cult, by Michael Lucid
La Luna, by Maritza Flores
La Maupin, by Christina Hulen
La Natura, by Kilian Seavers
LA Revolution!, by Lyric Fergusson
La Santera, by Adel Morales
Lady Reporter, by Michael Lucid & Michael Lannan
Lafayette Square, by Katherine Martinez DeLeon
Last Out, by Christopher O’Bryant
Last Seat on Capsule X, by Aaron Sutch
Last Stop, by Richard Doyle
Late, by Daniel Grasskamp
Lawman, by Dennis Smith
Layover, by Katharine McPhee
Lazara, by Cristine Brache
Lazer Quest, by Simon Rebts
Leaving Little Arabia, by Dana Attari
Legacy, by Lamar Legend
Legal Alien, by Jeff Delaney
Lemmings, by Chris Bolton
Let Him In, by Cedric Houle
Liberty or Death, by Whitney Ellis
Lies and Imitations, by Evan Murray
Life of Groupies, by Joanne Rose
Life, Death, and Derek, by Justin Butler
Lift Off, by W.E. Richardson
Like Father, Like Daughter, by Alison Wroblewski
Lily, by Mike Fardy
Listen To Me Rue, by Ari Dassa
Little Bob, by Robert Troccolo
Little India, by Raj Balu
Living Memory, by Charlotte Cameron
Living The Dream, by Daryl Chase
Local, by Caroline Connolly
Locusta, by Brenda LePage
Lone Wolf, by Joe Swafford
Long Haul, by Brady Huffman
Long Nights, by Rajiv Rao
Long Shot, by Ariel Goldberg
Longshadow, by Sean Cunningham
Loo and Mr. Faulkner  , by Victoria Salloum
Looking Down, by Adi Blotman
Looking Up, by Vadim Egoul
Lookout Mountain, by Jason Thomas Gordon
Lost In Tinseltown, by Tom Foran
Lost In Toronto, by Martina Muhoberac
Lost Time, by Ben Hickernell
Love Lives, by Allyson Morgan
Love Uncontrolled, by Fabio Bondi
Lucidity, by Ryan Chinn
Lucky, by Sarah Robson
Lucky Shot, by Lela Cermin
Lucy and Hector Save the Galaxy, by Joseph Penner
Lucy Lucid: Heiress of Dreams, by Joshua Pitta
Lupine, by Stephen White
M, by Kristofer Seppälä
Madame High Heels: The Origin Story, by Justice Whitaker
Mademoiselle Maupin, by Brandon Gale
Maestra, by Susan Polk
Magenta, by Jamie DeWolf
Malacostraca, by Charles Pieper
Malady of Mine, by Jon Portman
Mama Bear, by Lee Ehlers
Man-Eater, by Kelsey Grier
Manifest, by Kevin Ramlal
Manthropocene , by Andrew Dahlquist
March, by Richard A. Worthy
Margaret’s Flood, by Jaclyn Bethany
Matriarch, by Austin Zartman
Mattress, by Ashley Miller
McMurdo, by Eric Anthamatten-Dominguez
Meaderville, by Bryce Berkowitz
Medieval Life Crisis, by Addison Blu
Meg and the Wonderous World of Bible Drill, by Kyle Smith
Merve The Perve, by Colleen Glennon
Mescalero, by Anderson Boyd
Messiah, by Michael Lazovsky
Meta, by Kathi Castoro
Mexicans Are White People Too, by Unnamed
Mid Life, by April Hartmann
Mid-Youth Crisis, by Mekhai Lee
Mindf*cked, by Devin Fountain
Mini Palace, by Pamela Corkey & Larry Fahey
Miss Narcoamerica  , by Jules Nurrish
Mission Mom, by Nushin Huq
Mississippi Mace, by Rissa Thomas
Mister Risk, by Simon Lewis
Modal, by Kyle Jutkiewicz
Money Shot, by Benedict Cohen
Monsters: Introducing the Invisible Man, by Will Vega
Moonbeam Junior, by David Morrow
Morocco, by Tyson Hilgenberg
Mosquito, by Elitza Daskalova
Motherload, by Layla Soileau
Mr. Franklin, by Kahim Sturgis
Muck, by Nick Benjamin & Mike Downing
Mudville, by David Abrookin
My Beautiful Sojourn!, by Yunah Hong
My Boyfriend, by Vera Pickens
My Dad’s Dead, by Cosima Cabrera
My Father The Hunger Artist , by Jeronimo Arellano
My Hitman and I, by Dennis Luu
My Mom’s Fucking Pete Davidson, by Chelsea Gray
My Own Flesh and Blood, by Jacob Harpel
My Roommate’s A Ghost, by Adam Myers
My Yours His Pilot, by Nate Raven
Mystik, by Craig Fleming & Chris Webster
Mythos, by Tanner Coleman
N.R.A., by Dan Williams
Nasty, by Gabriela Tollman
National Hero, by John Vasiliades
Near-fall, by Robin James Habil
Needle in the Groove, by Roderick Kashani
Negligible Senescence , by Michael Salomon
Nemesis, by Emma Cornine
Neon Dreams, by Claire Bosnich
Neon Gospel, by Austin Wollmuth
Nevertown, by Megan Weaver
New Hope, by Stephanie Wain
Night vs. Day, by Lele Park
Nip + Suck, by Judd Schlossberg
Nixon Van Buren, by Jon Savage
No One Special , by Martin Kivell
No Barge, by Celeste Parr
No Good Deed  , by Heather Farlinger
No Rest for the Wicked, by Alison Weaverdyck
No Weddings and a Funeral, by Patricia Serrano Chungsathaporn
Nola, by Shelby Reynolds
Non Essential, by Ashley Singleton
North Of Havana, by Matthew Kopf
Not Like Mom, by María Eugenia Mayobre
Not My Emergency, by Matthew Conlin
Nothing Ever Dies, by Neil Thomas Kirby
Nudge, by David Crosman
O Cannibal, by Ilana Gordon
Oblivious Contact, by Odera Isaac
Off Grid, by Julie Mayhew
Off the Rack, by Pilar Gibson
Oh Monica, by Rosette Laursen
Old Soul, by James Vasco
On The Run, by Bry Larrea
Once In A Lifetime, by Rachel Hroncich
One Step At A Time, by Victoria Livingstone
One Way, by Meital Cohen Navarro
Only Business, by Allie Scott
Opal, by Scott Porterfield & Stephanie Palacino-Hernandeez
Organelle, by Edward James Anderson
Otherness, by Sean Rivas
Our Side Of The River, by Pepi Kokab
Out of Order, by Christine Torres
Out of Sight, by Gena Ellis
Outside Forces, by Daniel Carey
Over It, by Joy Goodwin
Over My Dead Body, by Amal Awad
Overload, by Edison Bailey
Overreal, by Brian Harper
Oversoul, by Cornelius Henke
P***Y, by Connie Shi
Pachucos, by Robert Cuen
Padre, by Andre Luiz Dragoni da Costa
Pain & Suffering , by Eran Lagstein
Paper Airplane, by Brandon Young
Para, by Kelly Bandas & Bobby Hughey
Parable, by Stephanie Glover
Paradise, by Sachin Augustine
Parishad, by Peter Haig
Party Boy, by Alex Morris
Party Lines, by Sean Bloomstine
Pastel Bears, by Jacob Gregory Dammons
Paths in the Snow, by Faith Strongheart
Patience, by Skyler Tarnas
Patty Hearst, by Matthew Tennant
Peacemaker, by Lukas Valderrama
Peanut Butter, by James Rohan
People, by Woody Bess
Philly Boys, by Kevin Giles
Pig Pharm, by Matthew Stewart
Pigpen, by Maud Ferrari
Pine Lake, by Courtney Bekebrede
Pink Moon, by Sal Bardo
Pioneer, by Nicholas Woods
Placebo, by Kate Johnson
Plagued, by Christina Parker
Playground P.I., by Elliot LeBoeuf
Plumeria, by Megan Wilcox-Free
Plus 50, by Wade Wofford
Pop, by Y.S. Kim
Popo, by Jenn Liu
Poppy Napkins, by Pepper Berry
Positive Lee, by Dale Winton & Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Positives (2.24), by Katie Fahey
Possessed!, by Jacob Harpel
Potluck GenePool, by Christa Butler
Precursor, by Gary McKinnon
Prodigal, by Christopher O’Bryant
Profile, by Christopher Stout & Gabriel Gavigan
Project Abaddon: Rise Of The Destroyer, by Peter Borreggine
Project Fog, by Adva Reichman
Project Orion, by Greg Schwartz
Prolonged Adolescence, by Maya Jones
Promises, by Anastasia Kudriavtseva & Mikhail Saburov
Protection, by Janelle Malak
Pulling Seedlings, by Eris Qian
Puppet Me, by Julie Cavaliere
Puppets, by Sarah Bockian
Purity Sterling, by Robert Gallagher
Queen of Newburgh, by Lisa Cole
Queen Punks, by Alison Reeger Cook
Queens, by Matt Gottlieb
Queens, by Anika Shakir
R.E.M., by Nelson Downend
R.I.P., by Yellowlees Douglas
Rabbi Zev, by Clayton Fox
Racket, by Adam Sleper
Rails, by Craig Douglas Miller
Raison D’etre, by Noni Salma
Rat’s Tale, by Jon Savage
Real Heroes, by Richard Hohenrath, Carolina Lovera
Rebellion, by Sergio Kopelev
Rebranded, by Carolina Ribeiro
Reclamation, by Peter Rívera, Justise Ortiz
Red Plains, by Liam Razzell
Redeemer, by Leticia Ayroza
 Redflags, by Nathan Patton
Redneck Army, by Whitni Resides & Mark Brown
Refill, by Greg Smith
Reign, by Gabrielle Wendelin
Reivers, by Rhys Bethell
Remember the Time, by Tyler Young
Repair The Carrows, by Johnny Cruz
Reset, by Cullen Wright
Reset, by Tyler Denny
Revelations, by Johnny Gilligan
Revolution, by Madison Rose
Revolution , by Josh Kirschenbaum
Rhapsody, by CJ Taglione
Rick Cervantes, by Brad Kofman
Riftworld, by E. R. Roberts
Righteous , by Desiree Elder
Rimrock, by Nicolas Scroggins
River sees Red, by Oscar Calix
Rms Windel, by Sierra Sands
Roadblox, by Katrina Jaxson
Robot4President, by Colm HIll
Rooftop, by Stephen Polakiewicz
Rose and Betsy, by Maria Sanchez
Roses in the Water, by La’Chris Jordan
Ruby, by Jessica Rowlands
Rum Dandy, by Daniel Carroll
Rumors, by Chase Block
Run the Devil, by Matthew Evans
Run! Run! Run! – The Lives of Abbie Hoffman, by Michael J. Shapiro
Rust Belt Politics, by Kevin Hulick
Ruthless, by Kevin Walls
Sabertooth, by Joslyn Jensen
Santa Anita, by David Liu
Satan’s Little Princess, by Erin Grogan
Saturnine, by Jessica Riches
Savannah, by Federico Ahumada
Say Boo, by Francis Abbey
Scars, by Simone Hawthorne
Schmoolie The Deathwatcher, by Theresa Gallagher
School of Life, by Robert Douglas
Searching for Tutankhamun, by Ariane Hahusseau
Second Crossing, by James Howells
Secondhand Miracles, by Jared Pascoe
See Through the Mud, by Melanie Jeffcoat
Seed of Knowledge, by Eleonora Mignoli
Seeds, by Joel Lesko
Self – Evident , by Christopher O’Bryant
Settling Sounds, by Nil Unerdem Riedmiller
Seven Seas, by Jordan Goodman
Sew Ann Lowe, by Nicole Newman
Sexual Ealing, by Sammy Sultan & Bec Pecaut
Shadow Play, by Patricia Selznick
Shay’s Rebellion, by Matthew Syrett
Show Me, by Kurt Doerr
Sick & Tired, by Nelson Downend
Silent Day, by Mike McDougall
Silly Willy, by Magda Pazdej
Silver Wings , by A.W. "Tony" Scott
Simon Christ, by Selena Lohan
Simulation Theory, by Danny Baram
Sin Bin, by Danielle Miano & Jehanne junguenet
Sinaloa City, by Phoebe Eaton
Sinderella, by Christopher Rebbert
Singin’ the Blues, by Tim Venable
Single Car Crashes, by Brittani Ward
Six Torys and a Shaman, by Almas Haidery
Sleaze, by Brian Farrey-Latz
Slick River – Mama I’m Coming Home, by Holli Herrle-Castillo
Sluggy and Bogie, by Tommy Gushue
Smashleigh, by Emily Clouse
Sofia, by Michael León
Soft & Pink, by Zoe Ward
Solar Exchange , by Christopher Cayen-Cyr
Soles, by Joe Swafford
Somebody, Anybody, by Blake Winchell
Something In Common, by Kylie Bolter
Sons of the Soil, by Jessica Glasner
Soul to Squeeze, by Alex Arabian
Sovereign, by Elliot Seidel
Space for Raven, by Shawna Baca
Space Suckers, by Derick Otto & Rebecca Arnold
Specter City, by Mitch Kampf
Spineless, by Ruth Earley
Spitfire, by Bridget Visser
Splinters, by Jason Seelmann
St. Paul, by Jeff Hiller
Standby Hero, by Shawn Mahan
Stardust, by Matthew Kaundart 
Stars and Stripes , by Andra Vebell
Statecraft, by Mitchell Kampf
Station Number Six, by Tim Sasaki
Stayin’ Alive, by Sunny Mohajer
Steve Wants to Die, by Josh Corrigan
Still Waters, by Jessie Holder Tourtellotte & Dan Gallun
Stone In Love , by Jerrad Burford
Storm Shelters, by Connor Savage
Storme, by John Lowe
StoryBrooke Castle, by Joshua Banday
Storyville, by Arayna Eison
Straight Up, by Alexia Verbeke
Strawberry Lassi, by Lovinder Gill
Submit, by Gianpaolo Pietri
Suburbaknight, by Adam Johnson
Subversive, by Susan Shepherd
Summer of Darkness, by Sandy K Baiju
Sun Woman, Moon Man, by Lyndal Simpson
Sunny Baby, by Tatiana Aarons
Sunrise Gardens, by Ethan Dayton & Shawn Peer
Sunset ’81, by FV Everleigh
Sunset to Sunrise, by Chandler Meyer
Supercut, by Josh Charbot
Supremacy, by Mary Ashley Burton
Suraya’s War, by Andy Patrizio
Sure-Fire, by Michael Goldburg, Dave Chan & Steve Wisniewski
Surgat, by Samantha Marine & Michael Borowiec
Surrogate, by Finn Bugge
Survival of the Fitters, by Eliza Gibson, Magie Crystal
SuspenseTV, by Jon Savage
Swan and Crow: The Tulum Machine, by Vera Neverkevich & Katherine Eyres
Sweet Home Detroit, by Derrick LeMont
Sweet Valley Spy, by Sierra Hall
Swing Away, by Dana Silverman
Symbionts, by Johnny Gilligan
Synchronicity, by Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
TAIMYR, by Galina Mosalova
Those Who Wander, by David Neal
Temperance, by Alexandra Hayes
Tenth, by Kenyetta Raelyn
Territory, by Gavin Van Horn
That Woman, by Christan Leonard & Mads Gauger
The NOC, by Lillian Wang
The ‘Pause, by Karen Hartline
The After, by Elizabeth Lorie
The Amicus Agency, by Daniel Bumgardner
The Anatomy of Skeletons, by Brittany Radel
The Ancients, by Ned Napier
The Announcer, by Justin Sanders
The Apartment, by Jenn Liu
The Art of Anxiety, by Alfredo Enriquez
The Artists, by Greg Schwartz
The Ask, by E.R. Womelsduff
The Astounding Adventures of Empress and Sage, by Jonathan Lill
The Beauty Of Satori, by William Arnold
The Best Last Family Christmas, by Christine OKeefe
The Big O, by Rebecca Gant
The Birdhouse, by Adi Kalidindi
The Birdhouse Maker, by Dale Janda
The Bitterroot Chronicles, by Debbie Castanha
The Bleeding Season ("Improper Dosage"), by Adam McDaniel
The Bluff, by Darius Turbak
The Boys’ Club, by Michael Wise
The Brown Sheep , by Gautham Sundareswaran
The Bucket Club, by Modupe Thompson
The Burning of Hells Bridge, by Mike Sametz
The Caregiver, by Schyler Martin
The Carrier, by Todd Restler
The Children (Formerly known as The Toyol), by Russell Southam & Brian Kazmarck
The Cleaner, by Cara Loften
The Cleaners, by Jacob Miles
The Coldest Winter, by Minh Anh Vo Dinh
The Colorado Cannibal, by laurence gouldbourne
The Correspondent, by Brian Duchaney
The Crawler, by Thomas Douglas Mann
The Cross-Country Chronicles of Tara & Liv, by Tyler Williams
The Crucified, by Garrett Beau McFarland
The Darkroom, by Emily McDermott
The Dead and the Dying, by Gary Blake
The Dead Guy, by Brian Birmingham
The Devil’s Chord, by Sarah K. Hellström
The Diamondback, by Michael Southworth
The Doll Test, by Knives Chan
The Doors Of Perception, by Johnny Cruz
The Dragon Key, by Lyn Pinezich
The Edge of Truth, by Sydney Deeter
The Eligible Man, by Rasika Pawar
The End, by Brian Arnold
The Fairy Knight , by Sam Tracton
The False Lord’s Squire, by Gunny Troelstrup
The Fight Inside, by Merridith Allen
The Food Porn Hotline, by Anne Sergi
The Forgotten Door , by Thomas Gaunt
The Ghost, by Lindsey Gudritz
The Girl That Cried Aliens!, by Caleb Dillon
The Girl With No Name, by Tyler Jones
The Golem of Cotopaxi, by Arnon Shorr
The Grail Quest, by Rolando Chusan
The Gravedigger, by Lyndal Simpson
The Great Spaggiari, by Chris Mul, Michael Mul
The Griffins Curse, by Beau Maddox
The Growth, by Samantha Clay
The Happening, by Anthony King
The Hell Househusbands of Hollywood Hills, by Amanda Ellis & Marisa Martinez
The Hiding, by Christian Hearn
The Highs and Lows of Saba Saturdays, by Adi Alsaid
The Hitchhiker, by Dan Ast
The Hoffman Experiment, by Richard Stokes
The Holeshot Kid, by Jeremy Stokes
The Hotel Barbers, by Daniel Woburn
The House in Coyoacán, by Lore V. Olivera
The Jekyll Effect, by Joe Dzikiewicz
The Knowledge, by Matthew Feitshans
The Last Broadway Heist, by Sean Quinn
The Last God, by Hayley Spivey
The Last Priest, by Brian Mulligan
The Lease of Nature, by Anderson Boyd
The Legendary Samurai , by Brody Reed
The Life and Deaths of Papa Hemingway, by Bruce Todesco
The Life of Paula, by Pablo Rivera
The Lot, by Joe Zappa
The Lynching of Justitia Nigreos, by Malcolm Johnson
The Mad Queen – "No One Trusts A Traitor", by Cindy Matta
The Magic Coupon Book, by Stan Evans 
The Man in the Brown Suit, by Elizabeth Ditty
The Melting Pot, by Darek Cioch
The Memphis Mafia, by Jason Williams
The Midnight Club, by Patrick Lazzara
The Molly Maguires, by Colin Ryan
The Myth of Mathew, by Rodrigo Moreno
The Nameless, by Michael Wormald
The One, by Clare Higgins
The One and Only, by Joseph Rein
The Other Side, by Ziyad Saadi
The Othered, by Minh Anh Vo Dinh
The Paris Affair, by Casey LaBow
The Passing, by Alexander Seltzer
The Phantom Forever, by Ben Bushell
The Pickpocket, by Monique Patterson
The Pill and the Fury, by David Scala
The Plan, by C.J. Rogers
The Praying Indian, by J.W. Bentley
The Privateer, by john graney
The Pugilist, by Geaux Francois
The Purpose of a Lighthouse, by Gabe Berry
The Raven Prince, by Nate Raven
The Rebound, by Christian Wolf & Chase Badgett
The Recovery Agents , by Marco Santiago
The Redemptionist, by Christina Arango Dowling
The Reluctant Oracle, by Philip Buckley
The Ruins of Heaven, by Coleman Luck & Coleman Luck III
The Sea Has Turned To Yogurt , by Demetrios Tsoulos
The Sensualist – A Woman in Black, by Suzanne Griffin
The Seventh Suicide, by Jade Widger, Tony Merkurii
The Shape Of What Is, by Frank Little Jr.
The Sheriff of Sturgill, by Monis Rose
The Shrieking of Nothing, by Ryan Alexander Huang
The Sixth Borough, by Chris Freyer
The Sky Way, by Rob Bertrand
The Song of the Lake, by Jonathan Robertson
The Soul of a Witch, by Sarah Armstrong-Garner
The Spectrum, by Steven Schlozman
The Strange Affair of the Elevator, by Katy Regnery
The Street Sweeper, by Matthew Seidel
The Takedown, by Celeste Parr
The Theatre, by Nic Cummins
The Tracer, by Glenn Levin
The Trophy Wife, by Luke Carr
The Tunnel, by Peter Koslik
The Twilight Zone: Streets of Babel, by Travis Gentry
The Two Rivers, by John Gronbeck-Tedesco
The Ultimate, by Jinnie Lee
The Underground, by Anika Shakir
The Void, by Joshua Shine
The Way We Say Pizza, by Alexander Rojas
The Week After, by Michael Noonan
The Whisperers, by Travis J. Opgenorth
The White Mouse: Witch , by Heather Farlinger
The Witch Doctor, by Kendra Daniels
The Witiwig, by Maria Wilson
The Wraith., by Keith Walker
Them’s Ponies!, by Rebekah Chang
Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore, Spy, Saint , by Amanda Miller
Therapeutic, by Craig Berger
There Are No Black People In Space, by Ant Thompson
They Seem Nice, by Nathan Weinreich 
Thick Skin, by Ben Weiss
Thier, by Tobias Vees
Thievery, by Wayne Geschwindt
This Is America , by Lyric Fergusson
This Is Then, That Was Now, by Andy Schroeder
Through the Trees, by Logan Dunn
Tierra Paz (A Pacified Land), by Eugene Michael Santiago
Tiger Sea, by suki kaiser
Tillie, by David Hal Chester
Time Jump, by Kris Crenwelge
Tira’allara, by Tavyn Gentry
To Be Honest, by Belinda Hunt
To Be Perfectly Frank , by Debbie Castanha
To the Ends of the Earth, by Jacob White
Token, by Diara Bradley
Tomás, by Kimberly Turner-2
Tone-Deaf, by Harris Doran
Topsy Turvy Tinseltown, by Lavetta Cannon
Total Witches, by Christine Lawless
Trail Runs Cold, by Steve Robillard
Traumacentric Mind, by TJ Ali
Tread on Me, by Alana Dresner
Trick, by Jeffrey Ullman
Triggered, by Carey Crim
Trimble, by Joy Mosley
Truckstop Warriors , by Aaron Schmid, Adam Wenger & Rob Gilchrist
Trust Your Truth with Tara Taylor, by Cathryn Naiker
Trying, by Mike Heller
Turning Heel, by Keith Hannigan
Two Aging Tramps, by Scott Jemison
Two by Two, by Mickey Martinez
Two Hijabis Walk In A Bar, by Hodan Jama & Sohaila Ashiq
Two Six Thousand, by Ian McCamey
Two Wolves, by Matthew Hopper
UMPS, by Mitchell Camarda & John Puma
Unarmed, by Samuel Walker
Uncanny Valley, by Neil Biondich
Unforced Errors, "No Saints" , by Jane Gardner
Unholy Things, by Michael Adams
Unidentified Male Subject, by Edward Varga
Untitled Penpal Project, by Haley Daniels & Owen Thiele
Urban Defender, by John Kim
Vanishing Point, by Matt Harry
Venice Of America, by Michael Graf
Very Special, by Bill Meeks
Vices, by Taylor Gordon
Vilomah, by Nathaniel Nauert
Viper’s Tale, by Christopher Cayen-Cyr
Virgins, by Sophie Hessekiel
Virtuoso, by Ashley Miller
Vivaldi’s Revenge, by David Gray
Voice, by Levi Buchanan & L. Kris Gowen
Voluntarily Committed, by Drew Ross
Volunteer, by Jay Reid
W. Smith, by Sophie Hexter
Waldo, by McKinley Bundick
Walnut Heights, by Francesca Lin
Walt, by Robert Troccolo
Wannabe, by Allison Torem
We Care, by Scott Meier
Weekend At Gina’s, by Christian DeAngelis
Weight, by Caleb John Cushing
Welcome Home, by Brett Womble
Wendigo, by Sean Wathen & Eric Wehr
Western Eyes, by Del Potter
Whacked, by Melanie Holmes
What I.F.?, by Dan Martin
White Terror, by Philip Lyu
White-Collar Wives Club, by Bry Larrea
Widow’s Creek (or) Once Upon a Time in Wyoming, by Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Wild Hearts, by Jessica Rowlands
Wilderness, by Stephen Czerwinski
William, by Sarah Wolf
Wishes, by Cullen Wright
Without, by Christopher O’Bryant
Woke, by Johnny Gilligan
Wolfe Pack, by Lindsay Heiman
Wonderful World, by Melissa Kong
Wounded Prey , by Aaron Gray
Wrestlers, by Ryan Wolin
Wrong Herd, by Kevin Eis
Yankee Doodle Zombie, by Joe Dzikiewicz
Yellow West, by Tyler Jones
Yes, Chef, by Nicky Guerreiro & Ethan Simon
YOLO, by Megan Bacharach
Young Boy Blues, by Samuel Perrone
Young Lions, by Zachary Churchard
Your Best You, by Corey Hill
Youth Ministry, by Laurie Magers
Zephyr, by Julia Fitzgerald
Zero Line, by Timothy Kontje
Zombie With A Chainsaw!!! Or Cruel Death Will Surrender, by Graham Waldrop
Zombies in Aisle Ten, by Zenas Cao

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