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Victoria's Gold

A feisty widow struggles against the US Army to reclaim a mountain filled with lost treasure and gold discovered by her murdered husband.


One Shot at Glory

A brilliant yet humble aviator fails at his attempt to be the first man to fly around the world but triumphs when he is given one shot to become the “Lindbergh of the Pacific”. The true story of an unsung American hero... and his bumbling co-pilot.


David vs. Vegas

Torn between his religious beliefs and the thrill of gambling, a brilliant inventor and Baptist family-man, desperate to break out of his dead-end job, invents the world's first personal computer and uses it to take on the blackjack tables in Vegas.


Project Blue Book

An astronomy professor transitions from skeptic to believer as he struggles against the US Air Force in his quest to uncover the truth about UFOs. He coins the phrase “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”


Horatio's Drive Home

After an impulsive dare and a $50 bet, a determined doctor races to become the first American to drive an automobile across the country ... and return home to his pregnant wife.