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In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray

Award-winning buddy comedy set in 1943, where 14 year-old Pennsylvanian nerd Judson Conover dreams of sharing adventures with his newfound favorite movie hero, Dublin McGinn. But when he mysteriously switches bodies with McGinn’s comic sidekick, the diminutive English teenage genius Thaddeus Thackeray, Judson realizes that surviving animated serials is MUCH harder than it looks. Meanwhile, Thackeray – lost within an all-too-real world at war – must figure out how to set things right. And the only one who can possibly help him is Judson's best friend, Kenny, who isn't quick to believe Thaddeus' rather fantastical story.


Heaven Spent

A lonely young man, Micah Cohen, considers suicide, only to be visited by an “agent for the afterlife” who mistakenly thinks he’s already gone through with it. Rejuvenated by his new lease on life, Micah's determined to set things right…but when he discovers that Death itself is hunting him down, it’s up to Micah’s guardian angel – a rookie -- to save him. A dark reverse spin on Capra’s IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.