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Screenplay Festival 2007, Honorable Mention for Comedy. When a minor leaguer falls for the ace pitcher in college softball, he finds that success in the majors and in love requires more than hitting the ball, he also needs to grow up.

Written by: Nathan Carliner Goldman    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
Starring Roles For: James Marsden
Alexis Bledel
Rachel McAdams
In the Vein Of: Never Been Kissed
Summer Catch
A League of Their Own
Posted: 06/17/2008
Updated: 08/01/2019
Author Bio:
If life is a three act drama, screenwriting must be my fifth act. Born in Charleston South Carolina, I received an undergraduate degree in history from Univ. of South Carolina, magna cum laude. I graduated from two of the nation's best med schools with a J.D. from Duke and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Johns Hopkins. This was my poetry phase with 100 poems in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies.

In my next act, I taught at the University of Texas.

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Contest Results:
SkyFest (Finalist, certificate of excellence)
TrindieFest (Finalist)
Worldfest - Houston (Finalist)
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