LOST CAUSE: The Tybee Bomb - "DIE HARD” meets “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN” at sea. A retired Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert salvages a lost nuclear bomb while fighting Black-Ops terrorist off the turbulent coast of the Caribbean.

Medically retired Naval explosive expert,'PETE BERGER,' has a defective heart and an implanted defibrillator. 'After twenty years being married to the U.S. Navy, they could have pinned a medal on my chest, but instead I got mine implanted.'

He sets sail on his ship, the OZYMANDIAS, for the WINDWARD PASSAGE, off Cuba's Guantanamo Bay, to salvage a Venezuelan freighter, under the eyes of a 'spectator fleet' and COMMANDER of GUANTANAMO BAY, TYLAN GEE.

On board the freighter, Berger discovers a lost thermonuclear bomb and a Black-Ops plan to destabilize world politics.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
George Clooney
Mickey Rourke
In the Vein Of:
'Die Hard' meets 'No Country for Old Men' at sea.

Author Bio:
Winner of 69 'Best' screenplay awards with 8 different scripts since 2010.

LOST CAUSE has won 15 Best Screenplay awards, most recently the 2021 Florida Script Challenge.

LOST CAUSE is published on

THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT, screenplay written by David j Schroeder with actor Jordi Vilasuso, and director Alex Merkin has been accepted into 123 film festival in 13 countries, and won 105 Best Short Film awards/12 Best Screenplay awards.

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Contest Results:
Florida Script Challenge (First Place, Hurricane Award - overall winner) [2021]
iHolly (First Place, Best Action Screenplay) [2018]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist, Action/Adventure) [2017]
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