A misanthropic animal shelter owner allows himself to fall for a woman he thinks he can trust--unaware she's a disguised pop star desperately searching for meaning in her own life.

Angus Caldwell doesn’t like people, but has always had a natural affinity with animals, and has spent years outside of Boston building up a sanctuary. In order to keep the shelter afloat, he turns to his wealthy father, who will help Angus—as long as he goes back to school. Angus reluctantly agrees, and finds himself seated next to perhaps the most irritating person he has ever encountered—a Brazilian woman named Isabel. Angus and Isabel are constantly arguing in class until the professor assigns them to work together on a class project. Angus soon begins to respect Isabel’s passion and intelligence and the hostility between them begins to melt away. Isabel is also moved by Angus’ dedication to animals. When Angus’ father reneges on his support for the shelter, Isabel and Angus are drawn closer as they contemplate other ways to save it. It is then that Angus discovers Isabel is not the person he thought she was—she is in fact a hugely popular singer who had disguised herself in order to take a class and escape from stardom. Isabel tries to explain, but Angus can’t get past his sense of betrayal, and ends the relationship.

Angus focuses his attention on keeping the shelter, and finds a way to trick his father into signing the land over to him. Though elated at his deception, Angus recognizes his own hypocrisy and also realizes he is missing Isabel. Determined to reconnect with her, Angus manages to make his way backstage where she is just about to perform a concert. Angus is ready to trust again and seeks forgiveness—prompting Isabel to take him back.

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A young John Cusack type
Selena Gomez
Jenna Fischer
In the Vein Of:
Notting Hill
We Bought a Zoo
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Kevin Stuart Brodie’s day job is as a high school history teacher, but he has been writing and publishing most of his adult life. He has published essays in the Santa Cruz Spectacle, Grassroots Economic Organizing (where he once served as contributing editor), and poetry in a number of publications including Sojourners. Kevin has done a number of poetry readings throughout southern New England. He has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

A few years ago, a story that had tormented him for months was consistently refusing to be written as a novel, despite Mr.

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Nicholl Fellowships (Quarterfinalist) [2012]