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Confronted with the choice between happy bachelorhood and old job, or marriage with eyes toward the Senate and President, a playboy surgeon has one week to find the right woman. (Previously titled, TRICIARELLA, WHO ARE YOU?)

Relaxing at the beach before a seminar with the world's greatest, yet most reclusive eye surgeon, playboy doctor Tom plans of becoming a senator. However, he must get married first to fit the public image. When he meets secretive, gentle new-ager Tricia in the surf, she intrigues him and then escapes his advances before he can discover more. He follows her confronting the scheming tricks of a jealous neurosurgeon, and his own selfish ways before seducing her for one night, unknowing the fate that awaits him...

Starring Roles For:
Matthew McConaughey
Amanda Peet
Adam Sandler
In the Vein Of:
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Notting Hill
Author Bio:
Rosemary & Steve were the resident Buddhist Meditation Teachers at Wat Kow Tahm International Meditation Center, Thailand for 25 years. They have also taught in the USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore; and are now semi-retired, living in Australia.

Steve's been writing screenplays since 2002. He has 13 polished scripts. Six of his scripts have won screenplay contests, eight have made finals. Altogether he has 7 wins, 58 other finals, 32 semifinals and 33 quarterfinals.

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Contest Results:
Circus Road (Finalist) [2018]
Houston Comedy (Finalist) [2019]
Portland Comedy Fest (Finalist) [2018]
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