The Merging

An ancient alien device is brought on board an earth space ship and goes on a killing spree. When it lands on earth, all life is dinner.

Crockett, former commander of special forces and life-long bachelor. He served in earth's first and only extra-terrestrial war. Earth lost. A J and four members of his team are imprisoned on trumped up charges of derelict of duty, treason and the death of two of his officers.

Because of that, he takes in their orphan daughter Dee Dee and vows to take care of her. Years later, DEE DEE, 18, works on a penal planet with A J and his former crew.

A hybrid of insect rodent called spider-rats, trap them in a cavern.

A J find a secret door and make his way inside. There they find alien tech.

A J, dying from a disease, plans to escape and go back to earth to spend his remaining days.

They steal a ship and stowaway the alien tech, thinking of selling it on the black market.

They escape the planet but Dee Dee gets infected by one of the devices.

It merges with her body and uses her to continue its mission with is to learn about the enemy and then destroy them.

It attempts to systematically kill off the crew and restarts the war between Veyor, the alien race that defeated earth.

A J has to stop the alien plan but to do so, he has to kill Dee Dee which he doesn't want to do. Even though she almost kills most of the team, he still won't kill her.

He finds a way to break the merging but the device will kill her and go after its next host to continue its mission.

Dee Dee sacrifices herself by shooting herself out the airlock.

Earth is saved but A J pays a price for losing her. He ends up in a psych ward, strapped to a gurney.

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In the Vein Of:
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I am a member of the Willamette Writers Organization in Portland Oregon and have been one for over five years.

Competition Highlights:

The Tattoo, one page comedy (Top Twenty Finals in WildSound Competition 2009) Mom's New Toy; comedy short (First place in WildSound Competition 2008; Second Place Gimme Credit Super Short Category of Cycle V 2007)

The Merging; sci-fi (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza competition 2006) Pinewood; horror thriller (Round Two Slamdance 2007) Smallville: To Eternity And Back; television (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007) Vacation Burnout; comedy (Quarterfinalist Bluecat Competition 2007) Smallville: Fractured Wings; television (Top Ten Finalist Scriptapalooza TV competition 2007)

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Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Quarterfinalist) [2006]