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Overcoming the limits of love

With a soul torn by a strong pain, Madison Turner decides to move to Vancouver. Traumatized by Jace Hudson, she survives in irrational fear of her biggest phobia: androphobia, ultimately deciding not to have anything to do with men anymore. Only time and the choices made will decide his future ... The arrival of Liam Baker will forever upset the life he had known up to now ... Above all, when he is entangled in the relationship between him and his historic girlfriend : Catherine Owen. Only Jace is the unsolved problem from which it is difficult to escape, not even the help of Liam, the boy she trusted in her worst moments, will be able to save her from trouble...

Author Bio:
Lorena and Naomi are two Italian cousins ??who have been passionate about screenwriting since they were children. Their hobby is therefore planning stories together. They are sixteen years old, attend high school and study psychology. Lorena also published the book Overcoming the limits of love with a publishing house.

Contest Results:
100 Screenplays (First Place) [2023]
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