5 Salespeople balance the stress of a sales goal and family life while entertaining raucous customers and working for a wild business owner.

For your consideration, we present a unique comedy series capturing an American work experience that has never been explored in entertainment. While most of the world was forced to work from home during the pandemic, there is an industry that has been working from home for decades. Super Rep! explores the comedic experience of agricultural sales reps working and living in middle/upper-middle class America. While other shows have captured crazy college experiences, crazy guy trips, office environments, daily social dilemmas, working from home has not been done. This series was being developed before the pandemic struck, however the current timing and opportunity for relatability by the public given our collective experiences during the past year is immeasurable. Super Rep! captures the relatable humor and real-life experience of agricultural sales and how working in an outside sales job differs from working in the corporate world. From interactions with their global corporate leaders, to selling to field reps, to chatting it up with farmers, to haggling with supermarket buyers, to neighbors wondering “what does this guy do for a living?,” Super Rep! is relatable and filled with laughs at every turn. There is almost no part of American culture this series does not impact. The work-life-family-friends balance struck by Super Rep! is funny, fresh, and on the leading edge of current times and experiences. While this is one episode, the opportunities for humorous treatment of current issues in future episodes is far reaching: mask issues especially when working outdoors (in and out of trucks, presenting to people who can’t understand you when you are trying to close the deal), trade shows, customer junket trips, racial and gender equality, politics, the cross sections between “red” and “blue” America, grocery store humor/delivery issues, farm to table issues…the list is endless. We hope you enjoy Super Rep! as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Thanks for reading.

Script Excerpt
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Jason Sudeikis
Courtney Cox
Aziz Ansari
In the Vein Of:
Modern Family

Author Bio:
We are both new to TV scripts but had this great idea to write an edgy comedy based on our 40+ years of outside sales experiences.