Kill for Love

Unable to contain her homicidal urges, a privileged sorority sister struggles to hide her serial killings from her new boyfriend as she sets Los Angeles ablaze in violence.

KILL FOR LOVE is an upmarket thriller that follows one college woman’s year-long murder rampage through the streets of West Los Angeles. Tiffany, a privileged sorority member, learned early on that with the right connections and lots of money, it’s hard to lose. Her honey-blonde highlights mask a biting personality and sadistic tendencies. With a taste for designer clothing, boutique fitness classes and regular spa treatments, Tiffany consumes everything except actual food.

The fall of her fifth year in college arrives, and Tiffany begins having strange nightmares of fire and destruction, waking each morning to a gnawing emptiness. In an attempt to satisfy her appetite for destruction, she commits a string of murders along fraternity row. 

After a botched murder attempt, Tiffany meets Weston, a handsome businessman, and instead sets her sights on finding true love. However, Tiffany soon realizes that romance can't quench her penchant for violence. The story takes a chaotic turn as her explosive antics come to a boiling point.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Anya Taylor-Joy
Michael Shannon
In the Vein Of:
American Psycho
Promising Young Woman
Gone Girl
Author Bio:
Maceo Greenberg is a writer/director and co-founder of Story Well, a production company based in Los Angeles. Greenberg has worked with such clients as Disney, Marvel, Facebook, HGTV, Samsung, the State of California, the Special Olympics and many more. He was honored by The Boys & Girls Clubs of America for a documentary about at-risk youth, and his VR film, The Game, was selected by YouTube as a “Best of VR” show. His new feature film, TAKE ME TO TARZANA, won the Gold Remi Award for Best Comedy at WorldFest-Houston, and his thriller screenplay, KILL FOR LOVE, recently won Best Thriller in the 2021 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

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Contest Results:
Fresh Voices Feature (First Place, Winner, Best Thriller) [2021]
Filmmatic Horror (Semifinalist) [2021]
Richmond Fest (Semifinalist) [2021]
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