Lovers caught up in the cold war on opposite sides of the fence. She a budding journalist who believed in the institution, and he who hated the media she represented and their unwilling part in a pre-planned, many years old takeover of the country.

The DOGS OF LENIN involves a doomed love story involving the main characters, Lisa Danton and Grant Chandler. From the moment they met they knew that each would follow a different path but tried to make it work, because their love was real and overpowering. They spoiled themselves to ever love anyone again. Lisa wanted to be a journalist, network TV her goal. Grant, an activist, hated the media and its biases, and the fact that they were unwittingly helping the Russians take America without a shot or a missile. It takes place in the sixties and ends in the nineties, for this is where media distrust truly began, not recently as so many believe. While Lisa climbs in her chosen field, Grant joins an underground group whose ideals and beliefs are the same as his own. Through them he meets a secret government organization left over from the last administration that was never disbanded. He helps a Russian escape from East Berlin, the key to all the Russians planted here as long ago as after WW2 ended. He has the names of all the Russian plants, most of them in very important positions including Lisa’s own network. With the entire information ready to reveal to the American public, he and the underground group he still belongs to, needs a conduit to expose it, network news. This is where Lisa comes in because of her past association with Grant. But will she help them, and better yet, can she be trusted, because she is now one of them.”

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Writer of 18 scripts, four novels 4 novel adaptations from novels written into scripts. Many rave reviews and winner or finalist in prestigious contests. Writes in all genres with ethe exception of sci/fi. Also have a library of shorts, both stories and scripts. Born and raised in England and writes from the hip.