Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy

Logline: A writer makes it big when his superhero screenplay becomes a popular motion picture. Yet, ruthless government VIPs make him an enemy of the state since his film undermines their scheme to collect billions from a fake Russian space attack. Pitch: Captain Marvel meets Day the Earth Stood Still.

(Main backstory reveal) FREDDIE MOON is a newly hired science writer employed by the Space Force public information division. Unknowingly, his spurious job is to dissimulate information about a fake Russian space war, a propaganda farce invented by GENERAL WILSON to help him collect a considerable budget for his secret space initiative.

Freddie appreciates his new writing appointment, especially since he quit his last sales job, cold turkey. Also, getting such a prestigious position literally saved his marriage. But eerily one night, his world is tossed upside-down when a paranoid news investigator, ALAN WALKER, hires an ex-KGB operative to go after some classified Russian documents he thinks Freddie has received from General Wilson. Ironically, Freddie's original sci-fi screenplay, FUTRASONIC GIRL and NANOROCKET BOY is mistakenly stolen from his home instead of the top-secret information.

The ex-KGB burglar panics when he is caught upstairs in Freddie's office. Although he received explicit instructions from Alan to nab a thumb drive labeled "Top Secret Moon." He inadvertently reaches out and slips a different one labeled "Moon Top Secret" into his pocket. Unknowingly, he obtains possession of Freddie's screenplay. Had he grabbed the correct thumb drive, the movie company would have secured creditable top-secret military information. The kind of highly-sensitive data that the military leaders were urging Freddie to write about to effectively manipulate the public's sentiment towards the pending space attack.

Alan has a knot in his stomach. He's hell-bent on saving America from being overtaken by Russian insurgents who have supposedly obtained space technology and weaponry found in an ancient alien outpost hidden on the moon. Alan believes the General's documents contain scandalous secrets that should be revealed to the public in his upcoming TV report. At the same time, he's also aware that achieving higher TV ratings could save his faltering career. Unfortunately, Alan's wildly delusional hyperbole regarding Russian disinformation and his outrageous conspiracy theories feed his xenophobia. He thinks he's the next American hero in waiting.

Armed with just Freddie's fictional sci-fi script instead of the Russian documents, Alan somehow persuades an eager movie studio to turn Freddie's screenplay into a live-action motion picture for the sake of the country. Out of desperation, he insinuates that Freddie's script is laced with references that will show how the Russians plan to overthrow the new trillion-dollar space station so it could be used as a spy base for a space war. In his delusions of grandeur, he firmly believes his heroic actions will help rescue the thousands of individuals who live on the space station. Alan is filled with a sense of duty to his country to save American lives by first unearthing a sensational story to take down Freddie and General Wilson.

Meantime, military VIPs are fearful Freddie's movie will prevent them from getting a massive defense budget because it doesn't confirm the God-awful space catastrophe they have perpetrated. Since they are too late in their efforts to stop the release of Freddie's movie, they are forced to attend its premiere along with hundreds of global news outlets seeking the truth. The full-length worldwide premiere of Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy (a movie within a movie) begins.

(The movie within a movie backstory reveal) In another place and time, Odyssey Quartz, an 18-year-old scientist, lives on planet Clarion within the Indus Constellation. She has just returned home from training six years abroad on the Tempest space station. Geo Scorpius, a ruthless dictator whose sole mission is to enslave others, has begun a brutal invasion of planet Clarion, thus spoiling her long-awaited homecoming. She must flee with her father's help to safety. Unbeknownst to her father, Professor Quartz, Geo has remotely tampered with their space carrier. It is rigged to explode. Therefore, Professor Quartz is forced to use his experimental dimensional time-travel device, the Time Phoenix, to send her far away to Earth.

Odyssey lands in the backyard of a retired scientist, Dr. Carmichael. But she's not like any other girl on this planet. She can battle dangerous intruders and chase them away using strange powers from her home planet, Clarion. Soon after saving the life of a young N.Y.C. science geek, Steven Cross, she realizes they must form an unlikely crime-fighting alliance. They call themselves Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy.

Meanwhile, Geo has time-traveled to Earth via the Time Phoenix to capture Futrasonic Girl. He needs her as his pawn to complete his overthrow of Clarion's ruling government. However, once here, Geo decides to enslave Earth's people, too, because controlling time and gravity on Earth could provide him with unlimited power. Needlessly to say, Geo summons his massive droid army of killing machines to descend upon Earth to accomplish his take-over.

Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy move quickly to join forces with the U.S. military in a desperate attempt to neutralize Geo's powerful droid army. Together, they vow to banish Geo Scorpius. But his cybernetic droid army attacks Earth's military troops with intergalactic weapons that they have never seen before. It appears our military will witness its greatest defeat at the hands of Geo Scorpius unless they bow down and surrender to his demands. Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy decide it would be far too dangerous to hand over the secrets of time and gravity to Geo. They could not bargain away the fate of the world in good conscience. Geo is disappointed he is not privileged to the mysteries of time and gravity, so out of spite, he hatches out his most sinister plot to conquer the Earth. He decides he will deliberately destroy the moon to create a chaotic future for all.

Miraculously, Geo cannot make good on his premeditated threat to terminate every living thing on Earth because Futrasonic Girl finds a way to defeat his droid army by cutting off their power source on Earth. But even after his stunning defeat, Geo relentlessly goes after another beloved target, Nanorocket Boy, the quintessential love of her life.

Ferociously, Geo demands that Futrasonic Girl pay the price for destroying the killing droids, which effectively ended his invasion. In a dark alley disguised as a hooded beggar, Geo jumps out of nowhere and stabs Nanorocket Boy with a poisonous knife full of deadly radiation. Nanorocket Boy is slowly dying. Geo is one-hundred percent sure he has ripped into Futrasonic Girl's heart too, by maiming Nanorocket Boy.

Futrasonic Girl is urged by her father, professor Quartz, to travel to the moon to collect rare medicinal minerals housed in its ancient craters. Professor Quartz has determined crystallized moon dust is the only substance in our galaxy that can neutralize the radioactive poison that is gradually consuming Nanorocket Boy's body.

Futrasonic Girl has an uneventful trip to the moon until she attempts to land the small spacecraft she borrowed from Geo's droid army. She crashes down on the moon and is marooned until she teams up with Zig-Zag, an immortal being from Venus. With Zig-Zag's help, she finds the strength and courage to safely return to Earth with the moon dust.

Under Professor Quartz's tutelage, Futrasonic Girl gives Nanorocket Boy the moon dust antidote along with a portion of her breath of life, tying them together for the rest of their lives. According to Professor Quartz, together, they are destined to become Earth's greatest defenders of freedom, peace, and justice for the foreseeable future.

As Freddie's movie fades to black, Freddie is humbled by the heartfelt admiration and compliments given by Jennifer Dickson, the newly elected, fifty-six president of the United States of America. She thinks his film is the most inspiring motion picture she has seen in a very long time. She invites Freddie to the White House to offer him a job with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Freddie's wife, Barbara, and his best friend Doug relish and take pride in the fact he crafted a story impactful enough to change their lives and possibly the future of the world.

Freddie's life is forever altered but indeed safe from harassment and harm. He takes hold of Barbara's hands while promising his faithful devotion, then, at last, they romantically embrace like two teenage lovers.

From out of the blue, Alan Walker moves in front of Freddie. His face shows no emotions, and yet it appears he has something urgent he wants to get off his chest. Without hesitating, he greets Freddie with a firm handshake. Troubled and glassy-eyed, solemnly he tells Freddie, I'm sorry, I was wrong about you, and about a lot of things. Alan, continues, American is blessed with a lot of exceptional people, but our heroes don't always wear capes. Yet still, they do look more and more like you do, Mr. Moon.

(an excerpt from the script)

GENERAL WILSON At least we have Alan to pin the blame on if we get into a pickle about the space station insurgency.

DEPUTY COMMANDER But I don't want to let Mr. Moon off the hook so fast. He needs to pay for his insubordination.

GENERAL WILSON And I want real assurance that we will not lose billions of dollars even if a large number of people take a liking to Freddie's movie. Project Pinwheel has to be finished and operational before I retire.

DEPUTY COMMANDER You'll get your DEATH STAR in good time. I promise, sir.

GENERAL WILSON Commander, you and I are the last breed of loyalists to the nation's fundamental sovereignty. Project Pinwheel is the most significant military deterrent ever to be built. When we come out of the shadows, our mobile sphere-craft will end all wars for the foreseeable future.

DEPUTY COMMANDER Your impenetrable flying fortress could usher in a new age of absolute world domination.

GENERAL WILSON Mission accomplished.

Alan senses humanity's fate is hanging in the balance, and it's time to dismantle the ticking proverbial DOOMSDAY CLOCK resurrected by General Wilson. He has gained knowledge of the General's ultimate goal to achieve world domination by launching a deadly space orbiter. Therefore, he contacts the Pentagon concerning the General's secret military ambitions. Alan hopes the ideology represented in the movie, FUTRASONIC GIRL AND NANOROCKET BOY, will be publicly embraced and even used to derail Project Pinwheel from being funded. In other words, to Alan's credit, he wants to be sure General Wilson's so-called DEATH STAR will never become a reality. Because in the wrong hands, it would be far too easy for a mobile space orbiter to initiate the destruction of the entire world.

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In the Vein Of:
Captain Marvel
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Wonder Woman
Author Bio:
My name is Freddie G. Owens D.B.A. Cile Vandi Music. I am the creator of a new screenplay, Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy. Ironically, I grew up living a few streets over from the famed writers of Superman. Just like the big guy, Futrasonic Girl and Nanorocket Boy will soon share the distinction of being famous hometown superheroes from Cleveland, Ohio.