After crashing on a deserted planet, two sisters fight to return home while being pursued by bloodthirsty, desperate prisoners who were shipwrecked and left for dead on this planet years ago.

Nutshell: HAVEN is PREDATORS meets THE IMPOSSIBLE meets a rescue mission.

Comment Summary: After a prison transport cargo ship crashes on a deserted planet, killing most of the passengers, the remaining crewmates and prisoners must work together to survive… Only that’s not what happens in HAVEN. Instead, the outnumbered crewmates are slaughtered by the wretched prisoners. Bluford, the courageous captain, seems to be goner…

But seven years later, after his daughters crash land their rescue ship on the planet, the audience finds Bluford in command over the prisoners. More importantly, in the primary A plot line, his daughters Kayla and Harley have spent the past two years fending for themselves. They came to the planet to find and rescue their father and Kayla’s wrongly convicted boyfriend Joshua, but their plan fell apart when their ship crashed.

Thus begins Haven’s story. While the world is filled with acid rain, sand monsters, and ravenous goons, the premise isn’t very logical; luckily, there are a number of revisions that can be made to help take this sci-fi action adventure script to the next level.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Kristanna Sommer
Sasha Lane
Taylor Lautner
In the Vein Of:
The Impossible
Author Bio:
I'm an artist and writer and have had my artwork published in Airbrush magazine, Visual Art International and Low Rider Magazine. I do storyboard art for my screenplay short. My love of reading and writing was always there in my youth from comic books to novels. I learned about screenwriting from reading books and talking to writers. I'm a Willamette Writers Organization member for over five years and have networked with various producers, directors and other writers.

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