Who's The Pin Head?

What townie goes crazy and causes mayhem? Was the shipment just a mistake?

Did the Pig Farmer send the townie a pig's head or was it a big mistake? Was that the last straw for the townie? There was also a car found that was burned up near town. What's happening in this usually quiet town? Find out what happens.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
John Goodman
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Rooney Mara
In the Vein Of:
Office Space
one hour photo
Author Bio:
Submitted as part of a 10 page - mash up screenplay competition - sport had to be selected and I received horror/thriller as the genre. Emerging screenwriter... Jessica Rose of FilmFestO noted that the characters were interesting and there was good characterization. Recognized with Official Selection Laurels - Austin Micro Film Festival, Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival & Short Sweet Film Festival, Semi Finalist Freedom Festival International in Columbia, South Carolina

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