Twenty years from now, an FBI agent patrols the social media This pilot Streamer has it all. It’s a Sci-Fi buddy thriller genre mix with a dash of comedy. Perfect for a series that could run on any of the streamers Netfix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime, Apple, even Disney, just take out the cussing.

Imagine the world twenty years from now? How will we the (US) police the Social Network? Will it be part of the FBI? CIA? Find out how I see this 10 part series.

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Starring Roles For:
Ryan Gosling
John Krasinski
In the Vein Of:
I don't know mix Silence of the Lambs
Jack Ryan
Star Trek Picard
Author Bio:
I write because I like to tell stories and for no other reason! I've read a lot of scripts, and seen a lot of movies. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I am a Graduate of the Univerity of Illinois.I did some writing for the Daily Illini and have some experience in copy- writing when I worked for The American Medical Association. I went to Evanston Township High School. I worked at the Help Desk for The University of Chicago Medical Center for eight years.

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