The intriguing Sci-Fi fictional story Extinct is the illustration of human evolution visually narrated by a fictional main character that will be traveling though time from the beginning of time the big bang all the way up to today. Looking for a change after the death of his wife, a plane crash leaves a man meeting God to travel through time and see the process of extinction, the rise of man and show him the importance of life. This intriguing sci-fi fiction illustrates human evolution through the travels of Max, a scientist and martial artist who is moving cross-country after losing his wife. He carries his research on human evolution during the prehistoric time is the last thing he hears before the plane crash lands. Max wakes at the beginning of time, and a mysterious figure who guides him through the rise of mankind. Traveling through the Jurassic, Roman and Industrial eras, Max will learn the importance of living in the moment and why man has come so far.

“EXTINCT” Feature Film

FORMAT: Full-length feature film GENRE: Science Fiction NUTSHELL: Matrix meets Interstellar (if you have other movies that you feel are more comparable, please use instead) LOGLINE: Having lost his reason for living after the death of his wife, a plane crash causes a man to meet God who sends him traveling through time to see the process of extinction, the rise of man, and show him the importance of life and his purpose in it. SETTING: Modern Day, Space, Prehistoric Era, Ancient Rome, Industrial Revolution CHARACTERS: MAX FLAVIAN a scientist, in his forties, serious and very dedicated to his career and his passion for martial arts, overall a difficult personality who has lately gone through a difficult time due to his wife’s death and now questions his own existence and the purpose behind it. He feels guilty for not having spent enough time with her. OLD MAN, a Mystical Figure the God like figure who will travel with Max throughout history and show him the evolution of Humankind.

This intriguing science fiction story is a journey through human evolution as experienced by Max Flavian, a journey charted by the mystical God-like figure known as the Old Man. When Max’s young wife, Julia, is killed in a car crash, Max begins to question his own existence, his place in this world, and his purpose. When a former colleague offers him a position in San Diego, California at a scientific research center, Max decides to accept, albeit unenthusiastically. Flying out of Boston Logan Airport, Max spends the beginning of the flight reviewing material relating to Human Evolution and the Prehistoric period. This material calls forth vivid and realistic images of cataclysmic historical events. A powerful storm erupts with damaging turbulence causing the plane to crash. Max regains consciousness only to find he is floating in space. Though he doesn’t realize it at first, he witnesses the Big Bang (presented in modern 4D technology). Following the explosion, he again encounters the strange Old Man Max he spoke briefly with in the airport waiting area. Though Max tries to gain answers from the Old Man as to where he is and why, the Old Man gives him no answers, but hurtles him back in time, time and time again. In the Prehistoric Era, Max finds himself among Neanderthals as they battle for survival against Homo Sapiens. There he learns the importance of family. Max is a slave forced to fight gladiators in Ancient Rome. Here he meets a beautiful woman with whom he develops romantic feelings. She reminds him of his dead wife. In the arena and elsewhere, this era shows Max man’s hatred toward man. Thrust back to the height of the Industrial Revolution, Max experiences the degradation and horrific conditions of the poor factory worker. Yet it is also in this era that he finds kindness in Man and from those who have nothing to give but kindness. Max wakes up in a hospital. One of his doctors is a woman who is the spitting image of his dead wife. He sees in her as his second chance to get his relationship, and his life, back to where it should be. And though he must say goodbye to the Old Man (for now), the mystical figure leaves him with startling images of the future and all its possibilities

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Liam Neeson
Al Pacino
35-40 White woman
In the Vein Of:
The Grey
Jurassic Park
Author Bio:
Antoine Rubini

An Entrepreneur currently operating an apparel company and two fashion brands. In the process of setting up an internet distribution multi vendor start up and also a you tube video producer and film writer and enthusiast.

Co wrote screenplay "The Eleventh Commandment and wrote The screenplay Extinct "

A little about the author.

In June 2008, Antoine Rubini founded Cuffs & Collars, an AMR Clothing Company venture, with the intent of continuing his father's legacy in fine apparel by providing access to high end Italian made clothing, from the beginning of production in Italy, to the end result of leaving the shop feeling more confident, we are committed to our customers.

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