The Pony Club

A desperate father enlists the aide of an ornery cuss to help him save his daughter's dying horse and somehow win her over.

This raw, satirical, always compelling portrait of pastoral bliss takes place in Noble, a small town in the heart of the country, which explodes into scandal and outrage pouring eventually into bedrooms and the highest courts when desperate rube Al needs to save his dying horse and enlists Smitty, the town’s most irritating washed up cuss of a stable rat to help him. They kick up the low dust into a storm when they upend the mystique of the famed Lipizzaner Stallion traveling review by unwittingly blowing wide open the petty hypocrisy and high notions of the local Pony Club elite.

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Inspired by true events
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Alfred Cool has written a pilot, 8 novels and multiple short stories about the B.C. coast, as only a local can, bringing to life through compelling and uniquely Canadian stories the raw and bold characters living where Canada’s mountains meet Earth’s greatest ocean. Since 2010, he has won awards in short story contests, has published stories in Toronto’s Danforth Review and New York’s The Otter e-zines, and has contributed to three Canadian anthologies.

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