Little Boy's Beach Adventures Book1

A boy gets taken away from his mother under false pretense, when he was young, It is almost Christmas, and he wants to visit his birth mother for Christmas. His adopted parents and the state refuse to ever allow the boy to visit and talk to his mother. He almost ready to turn 18 next month. He takes an adventure online and in town to hunt down his mother. He gets in trouble no matter how hard he tries. Can Santa grant his wish for Christmas? Christmas is almost here!

Written by:
Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
I'm Author Irene Jane Holmes, and I have transcribe my beach book 1 into script. I'm a professional screenwriter. I have a BA degree in Creative Arts; Creative Writing, English; Specialize in Screenwriting in January 2019 from New Hampshire University. I'm a multi-genre adventure writer. I have written two adventure scripts. I have published three fiction, adventure books. Two of my adventure books is still in working progress of being transcribe into script.

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