Operation Brother Sam

During the Cold War, an aging Intelligence Officer addicted to anxiolytics must lead a rogue team of spies to investigate a US ambassador involved in a conspiracy in Brazil. Based on historical events.

“Offering a unique and insightful look into an often overlooked part of history, ‘Operation Brother Sam’ is a fascinating and informative political thriller that also manages to be surprisingly entertaining, with a lot of action, memorable characters, and even some comic relief.” (The Blacklist)

The year is 1964. JFK was recently murdered, and the Cold War is at its highest.

Mark Chambers (early 50s) is an Intelligence Officer who works for the US State Department. He is haunted by a failed mission in Cuba, in which his wife was killed. After five years out of action, he accepts a mission to investigate Thomas Greene, the US Ambassador to Brazil. There's some suspicion that Ambassador Greene is lying to the President and the State Department and is using his political influence to push a military operation called "Brother Sam." The operation is designed to depose the Brazilian President, who is believed to be a Communist. But the whole mission is based on bad intel.

The problem is Mark has PTSD and is addicted to anxiolytics pills, which makes difficult his return to field operations.

During his investigations, Mark unfolds a conspiracy involving the 1960 Brazilian election. He finds out that Ambassador Greene is trying to find and destroy the "IBAD Papers," a set of documents that prove that the US was involved in a financial fraud related to the last Brazilian election. To complete his mission, Mark has the help from a black ops CIA agent and old-time friend, Colton Reed, a sexy and dangerous con-artist, Camilla Ferreira, and a small support team: a gun supplier, a tech man, and a lady pimp.

Mark has to unfold the IBAD conspiracy to stop Ambassador Greene and abort the military operation. Meanwhile, a US Naval Task Force is already approaching Brazil's coastline, ready for combat.

After an unsuccessful attempt to buy the papers, Mark discovers that Colton helped Greene creating the IBAD, a fake institute used by CIA to finance pro-America candidates. Colton reveals that the institute was exposed, and he had to 'bury' the evidence, meaning kill all the witnesses. The problem is someone survived and still has all the documents.

Executing a series of ingenious heists, Mark recovers the documents and exposes the conspiracy to the powers in Washington, proving that Ambassador Greene embezzled CIA money in his personal accounts. But Mark still has to execute a big and elaborate swindle to invade the US Embassy and send the code word to the Naval Task Force to abort the mission. To succeed, Mark has to overcome his trauma from the failed Cuba mission.

In the end, they find out that the Ambassador ordered the murder of the Brazilian President. Ambassador Greene is relieved from his post, and the assassination murder is aborted. But a military coup still takes place, leading to a dictatorship that will last for over two decades (historical event). Mark and Camilla develop a romance and end up together, and Mark overcomes his fears and addiction.

This is a fictional story, based on true historical events. Main characters are fictional.

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Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Chris Evans
Pedro Pascoal
Alice Braga
In the Vein Of:
inspired by true events
American Made
Author Bio:
Gustavo Freitas is an Award-winning Brazilian screenwriter who works at Doiddo Films (Sao Paulo, Brazil). He worked as an Intelligence Officer at the Brazilian Marine Corps, as a Federal Attorney and as a Legal Adviser to the Brazilian presidency. He has several screenplays optioned and one project bought by Fox Latin America: an animated TV series called "Escolinha dos Deuses" (Little Gods' School), which is now in pre-production.

He's the winner of 7 screenplay festivals, including Oaxaca Film Fest, LAFA - Los Angeles Film Awards, and others.

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Contest Results:
London Independent (First Place, Best Original Screenplay - May) [2018]
Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) (First Place, Best Action Screenplay - May) [2018]
Global Film Festival (First Place, Jun/18 Best Feature Film) [2018]
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