Baby's Gone

Two neglected toddlers look on as their new baby brother is taken from their motel room, as the mother watches. Baby's Gone is a short taken from my memoir, Riding in the Backseat with My Brother; currently a book but soon to be a feature screenplay. Just awarded semi-finalist for the New Millennium competition.

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Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Judi Blaze is a novelist, former print and media journalist, and newbie screenwriter. She has three novels and a book of short stories published and many in the works. She has won many awards for her short stories, and a few for her novel On Indian Time. SQUID JIGGERS, a multi-award-winning short story, is now her feature-length screenplay based on the story. She has also written five short screenplays, one of which includes 'Baby's Gone', based on her unpublished memoir of growing up Gypsy.

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