Inn Bermuda

A wealthy New York executive couple loses everything to the IRS and is forced to start all over again... in the heart of The Bermuda Triangle! Submersed in the "Devil's Triangle's" eerie influences, bizarre Voodoo rituals, cultural conflicts and many a web of deceit, their marriage, fortitude and happiness are put to the test in this non-stop, what could possibly happen next (?) TV comedy.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
Steven Bloome is a Chicago native who first satisfied his entertainment calling on stage with The Second City School of Improvisation in 1980-1981.

From 1982-1985, Steven was part of The Mixed Nuts Improv and Comedy Troupe, a team of quick-witted knuckleheads who went undefeated in the Chicago Improv Olympics all four years in which they competed.

Never resting for a moment, he chose to throw himself in front of a live audience without the safety net of an ensemble, and pursued stand-up comedy in clubs around the Chicago area.

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Contest Results:
Hollywood Scriptwriting (First Place)
Cinema City Fest (First Place)
People's Pilot (Semifinalist)
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