Cold Blooded Gold

Union and rebel soldiers straggler in the wilderness, their captain may have returned from the dead to protect, a cache of gold to be hidden for the future. The gold is tainted by the war and a group of "buffalo soldiers" help to save the gold for a better future.

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Henry Lindley Broken pre-production pending outcome of virus shut-down Brother's Keeper (faith based) A Hot Dry Spell sci-fi comedy 2019 A Lobster's Tale (illustrated novel tentative date Jan. 2020) A Lobster's Tale Screenplay under revision 2020) Off Ramp to Eden Harmonic Distortion (multiple award winner for script and music) Dead Inn Writer World Fest 2008 Best Western COLD BLOODED GOLD - Platinum Winner at WORLDFEST HOUSTON Original Screenplay Original Music Platinum Remi, Platinum Remi, World Fest 2008 Best Overall Other scripts that have placed in various contests

Screenplay By  Dead Inn, Spectrum Films video release Screenplay, Story and Original Music  Harmonic Distortion (Silver Remi - music Bronze Remi - story) Winner Best Sound Track IFTC.

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Contest Results:
Worldfest - Houston (First Place, Two Platinum REMIs)