My Fiancé, the Dick

This detective comedy won multiple contests (including Disney and WB). A struggling mystery author writing a book based on her detective fiancé’s big murder case discovers he missed a key clue. Desperate for a best seller, she sets out with her wacky editor to hunt down the real killer -- but her fiancé races to re-solve the murder first to win back her respect and save the relationship. The film is presented in three different genres — film noir, Hollywood glamour, and pulp – depending on which character is telling the story.

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Author Bio:
After winning a Disney Fellowship and many other screenwriting contests, Keith sold a script to Universal with Ivan Reitman attached. He's had six feature scripts reach the development stage so far. Keith has written and directed a number of award-winning short films, including the film noir comedy "Charlie Noir", which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and garnered five awards on the festival circuit(viewable on his website).

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Contest Results:
Disney/ABC (First Place)
Warner Bros. (First Place)
Ojai Film Festival (First Place) [2017]
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