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Stinky Skates

Stinky Skates is an adorable story about an old pair of skates getting back out on the roller rink again. The morals of kindness and acceptance of all people no matter what race disability or personality are portrayed throughout the story.

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I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I’m 68 years old now and retired 2 months ago. I’m a retired truck driver and had worked other occupations thru the years welder, gas plant operator, janitor, construction, heavy equipment operator, and on and off writer. I wrote a kids book “Stinky Skates with assistance of my wife who was a band teacher for 9 years and has been a special needs teacher now for 16 years. I also see a potential where Stinky Skates or any of the other characters from Stinky Skates could spawn off into a video game.

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