The price of dishonesty

* Ancient all animals lived in the forest ,and the chicken lived near the Hadda and befriended the chicken and Hadda e ruled the forest!!!!!!  And everyone was afraid because she had a magic needle that everyone dreamed of having, and she was watching out for all the inhabitants of the forest and punishing everyone who assaulted each other, so she scared everyone, even the Predators relied on the fish that the monkeys were bringing in . She ruled Hadda for a period of time until the migration season of birds wanted to migrate with birds but feared to lose the needle during the migration and lose control of the forest, Hadda landed on top of the tree sad watching the birds as they prepare for Migration and found the giraffe when it came eat from the top of the tree:_ What's up, wise? you look so sad today?  She responded with sadness. Tomorrow is when the birds are abandoned, and I can't leave with the birds. maybe the needle will fall out of me in a valley, and I'll lose my place in the forest. The giraffe said nice.:_ It's simple. grab the needle at one of the other animals. maybe if it falls off me, I'll lose it. The zoo thanked the giraffe and Farrah flew to secure her needle at one of the animals and migrate with the birds and found the Rabbit playing.:_ Hey, cute bunny. can I trust you on my needle so I can leave with the birds? Bunny said gently:_ I'm a rabbit. I like to play and run, and the needle might fall out of me. He said that, and he ran in his slippers, so I went to the rhino and she said, :_ Welcome, cute. can I?..................... Interrupt her in a rage. No, you can't. he said that, and he attacked the tree in front of him until he dropped it, and he went to the other one. :_ Welcome, happy fun. can I trust you on my magic needle so I can migrate with the birds? The monkey smiled at her and replied,:_ Actually..... All of a sudden, another monkey grabbed the fruit and fled, followed by him to retrieve it, so she saddleddah and went to the river to drink water, and she found the chicken.:_ What's up, dear friend? you look sad? She responded with sadness.:_ I want to attack with the birds, but I'm afraid wastin ' needle in one more, the journey to long so I went to all the animals stand on it, I emigrated with birds but they all refused and.... The chicken gently interrupted her, saying,:_ Okay so O my friend.

Written by:
Short Story
Author Bio:
badraldin Ahmed mohamed