In the virtual network of evil

(erotic drama) The fast, clear language of this powerful sensual stories keeps the viewer glued to the screen til the very end. Sensual intercourse, BDSM, domination and domme relationships mixed with complex issues such as mafia and human trafficking, witnessing atrocities unwillingly, a difficult choice between good and evil. All the relationships between the characters are marvellously entangled and create a multi-layered body of work whose technical balance is proved by the vivid descriptions, the attention to the psychological sides of the story and the remarkable use of the fast-paced dialogues and plot twists that help us emphasize with the protagonist, be dubious and aroused with her, and fully understand their complex personality and the struggle between rationality and passion that she has to divide in herself. This is a powerful story of resilience and justice and rebellion, which is way deeper than the stereotypical erotic movie.

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