Angel of the doomed.

In the near future the government has moved away from the duty to protect citizen’s rights. The government allows duels to the death, but corruption and contract fights put ordinary people on the line between life and death. One day a man appeared he combined his skills of fencing with advanced technology and sacrificing his life he decided to save those who were condemned to death. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "The rules allowed to fight on any weapon, except for firearms and other striking at a distance". "Men fought men, women fought women. 16-years-olds were allowed to fight. The weight and training of the fighters were not regulated". "Any place was allowed for the duel. But most of the fights took place in special dueling halls, popularly known as “Meat shop”. Weapons were brought with them, rented from the state". "Dishonest people began to hire strong, prepared guys in advance, who at the right time “suffered” from the action of the “ordered” person. This was followed by a challenge to a duel". "The “sufferers” were professional fighters and a regular person didn’t have a chance to survive a duel with such opponents". "Over time, the custom duels has passed all reasonable limits." (The presented project is a TV series. EPISODES: 8)

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Mostly I write dramatic works with rapid development of events. Author of several small implemented projects: Birthday, Fatal button, Break for war.