Stumptown Records

Fresh out of high school, a Portland youth promises his dying mother that he will remain a virgin until he finds a pure Christian girl to marry, but he’s a musician working in Oregon’s largest, hippest record store with a ragtag group of musician friends that aren’t making it very easy for him to keep his promise.

Written by:
TV Pilot
Author Bio:
Growing up as a military brat sparked my desire to travel, observe, and journal about it. I loved writing and I was often inspired by meeting people from different cultures, and subcultures. I narrowly chose a career in psychology over pursuing one in writing or journalism. However, I could never quite shake my first love. I just had to create stories even for my own mental health. I believe working as a psychologist makes me a better writer and being a writer makes me a better psychologist.

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Contest Results:
Wildsound/TV (Finalist) [2020]
Houston Comedy (Semifinalist) [2020]