Robin Hood And The Moor Physican With Treasure Map

Ep(isode) 1 - Sir Robin Du Loxley regoins his Merry Men As Robin Hood. Ep-2 The Moorish Physican With Alexandria Chaldaea Library Treasure Map. Ep-2 Salvagingu Treasure Ship By Sea Monkeys or Bushman Pygmies. £p-3 Great Battle For The Treasures or The Ancient Flithy Scrolls as Witchcraft papers? Ep-4 Arab Pirates Raid and grab the Treasure Ep-5 Maid Mareian and Queen Mead from Far North and Moorish Princes Abdul Shriss Brokers Peace. More than 15 more episodes later. Ep 6 Friar Tuck s prophetic 10000 year dream Ep 7 Friar Tucek,Robin and AfroAsian Abtots discuss Great Future of Timbuktoo Alexandria Library Scrolls. Ep 8 Prophetes Mother Shepton Speaks Ep 9 Gutenberg s Printing IT, ICtrT to clear many Mythse and Lelgends like King Aurthurs Ep 10 - Astronomy Vs Astrology = Science Vs Superstition Ep 11 Moorish Ambassadors Visits Rebel King John Ep 12 - At Signing Of The Magna Carta -- Robin and othdr Lords Opinion. Ep - 13 - Exchanging Gold & for 1000s of years old dirty scrolls .... Good Idea Eh? t Ep 14 - Freeing Rtchard The Lion Hearted -- Necessary? Greatest Knight Errant of All Worth it? Ep 15 - Mother Shepton Prophetically Explain to Maid Marian Princess Sheverdeze and Queen Mead -- As dirty scrolls are presentd to Oxford and Cambridge Seminaries (future Univesiies) Ep 15 - Superstitous and Narrow Minded must not destroy scrolls as fworks of devil

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