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A portrait photographer acquires a computerized photo touch-up program with the power to change a person’s real-life appearance. Initially, he uses it to help the maimed and disfigured. But, his services soon grow in demand among inner-city gangstas - and bugs in the program appear, forcing him to use the program in horrifying new ways.

Written by: Chuck Loch    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Modest
Starring Roles For: Jack Black
Terence Howard
James Marsters
In the Vein Of: Sin City
Devil's Advocate
The Fly
Posted: 06/11/2005
Updated: 01/30/2020
Author Bio:
2005 graduate of UCLA TFT's MFA Program in Screenwriting. Grad. of UCLA TFT's Advanced Prof. Program in Screenwriting, 2001. Teaching Assistant to Disney screenwriter Dee Caruso in UCLA's Department of Theater, Film and Television Summer Screenwriting Program, 2000. AFI's Screenwriting Course of Study, 1998. Consulting Producer/Writer, Cohen Brown Picture Company, Los Angeles, CA. Consulting Producer on L. A. Dreams, a 14-episode documentary series on the lives of Chinese foreign students in America, at Palette Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

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Contest Results:
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist, 2005) [2005]
American Accolades (Semifinalist, 2005) [2005]
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Quarterfinalist, 12 Annual - 2005) [2005]
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