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Extra Cheese

A childish pizzaioli and his estranged parents--his hippie, gold-digging stepmother and his ex-porn star father--are followed by a reality TV crew who have placed both of their pizzerias next door and pitted them against each other.

Written by: Jeni Cardinal    

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Format: TV Pilot
Posted: 08/09/2019
Updated: 08/09/2019
Author Bio:
Jeni Cardinal is a Metis comedy writer who graduated from Vancouver Film School’s writing for film, television, and games program in 2019. She is currently developing a sitcom (when she isn’t binge-watching one) that draws from her experiences working at a pizza place, has written for a sketch comedy show, and has worked as an associate producer and production designer on the mockumentary short film “Alone Wolf”. Some quotes about her work include: “Hahaha”, “That’s so funny,” and “Are you sure you’re okay?”.

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