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In the year 2075, the Starwatch court jurisdiction is created in the Asteroid Belt to ensure the survival of humanities new societies. To get a taste of the show, please go to and look at the trailer of the film on which the series is based.

Written by: Kevin Birnbaum    

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Format: TV Pilot
Starring Roles For: A younger Esai Morales
A younger Brigitte Nielsen
Jamey Sheridan
In the Vein Of: Battlestar Galactica
The West Wing
Posted: 03/21/2019
Updated: 03/21/2019
Author Bio: My first production was the cult supernatural western JUSTICE BE DAMNED which came out in 1993. My second film was a mockumentary called VEGAS DATE in 2007, and my third feature stars “El Mariachi's” Carlos Gallardo called STARWATCH which came out in 2017.