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The Gate

The Gate is a fantasy action feature about two crusty bait and tackle guys who must stop eco-terrorists who have opened a time portal to the Pleistocene era and are about to wipe out humanity's ancestors to save the planet.

Written by: Della Vance Greenawalt    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Mid 30s male comedic
Lou Diamond Phillips
30s African-American
In the Vein Of: Indiana Jones
Jurassic Park
Posted: 06/27/2018
Updated: 09/25/2018
Author Bio:
I am a member in an invitation only International writers’ workshop, have attended UCLA’s Extension Film Program classes as well as Northern Arizona University’s English Program where I won their award for comedy writing. My short scripts have won The Beverly Hills Screenwriting Contest, The WildSound Short Script Festival, and have been nominated for Best Screenplay in the Austin Revolution Film Festival and Hollyshorts Film Festival. The Gate won the First Ten Pages Screenplay Competition at The WildSound Film Festival.

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Contest Results: Wildsound 1st Scene (First Place, August 2017 Reading by Actors) [2017]
Austin Revolution (Second Place, moved from finalist to Nominee) [2018]
Austin Fest Film (Quarterfinalist) [2019]