Who's Got The Gun?

Blamed for a botched bank robbery, a downtrodden teen takes charge and is then assisted by her hostages, reveling in the excitement to stop the new gung-ho detective from arresting anyone.

***NB*** I adapted my novel to the screenplay "Unarmed and Dangerous" (also listed) and therefore the Synopsis is the same. "Who's Got The Gun?" is an original farce about an overworked teen, Lindsey who on the eve of her 18th birthday, gets caught up in a bank robbery gone wrong to protect her girlfriends. Lindsey is more than ready to embark on her own career, but is hamstrung by the promise she made to her mum and dad – to care for her useless brother and his four sons. Lindsey also realises she needs to change her life, otherwise she risks doing something even crazier than the local madman who stole her truck just so he could get arrested and watch satellite TV. While Lindsey is waiting for the doctor to separate her nephews after a super-glue mishap, she receives the corporate scholarship offer of her dreams and agrees to meet her prospective employer in the city. Lindsey then suffers a relentless series of frustrating events culminating in a visit to the bank. When Lindsey is about to leave the bank penniless, one of her close girlfriends’ (one of identical 17 y.o. twins) enters, wearing a mask and carrying a gun. The obsessive compulsive Bank Manager sees the gun, panics and hits the alarm, causing total lock-down. When the Bank Manager blames Lindsey's influence in planning the attempted robbery, she snaps, takes charge and makes a few demands of her own. Her colourful array of hostages include a claustrophobic hairdresser, a bisexual judge whose secret lover is also a hostage, devious old Ethel (80s), who knows everybody’s secrets, and the no nonsense hotelier; determined to somehow host her highly lucrative ‘pizza night’ from inside the locked-down bank. Fighting Lindsey inside is the Bank Manager, also trying to stop the hostages snooping all over his bank (and house). Outside, the pragmatic Police Chief tries to control his newly assigned, gung-ho, ex-city, detective Roth (20s), from making matters worse. Roth, keen to access the bank, end the siege and play the hero with all manner of innovative, modern strategies, fails spectacularly. With a nerve gas time bomb set to go off inside the bank, Lindsey must collude with the hostages remove the danger and help her avoid jail. When the Police Chief and Roth finally cooperate to unseal the lock-down, they discover fake guns, two identical twins where there should have only been one and no-one willing to give a statement. This is Lindsey’s journey to finally stand up for herself and pursue her goals and dreams.

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I began writing for fun as a tween, and through observing the world around me, my natural passion for storytelling has expanded to a full time hobby. Through my past and current vocations as a project manager, amateur theatre actor, youth counsellor, school teacher and sports coach, I see stories everywhere. To date, I have written over a dozen screenplays, two children’s manuscripts, two novels and poetry. My screenplays include two award winners and a trio of semi-finalist awards.

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