Quest for the Golden Orb

When a ruthless arachnologist captures a beautiful Golden Orb queen, a wimpy Orb spider sets out to prove himself by rescuing her.

Seen through the eyes of his son, "Quest for the Golden Orb" is the story about a wimpy spider called Aran, who sets out to rescue one of his own, a beautiful Golden Orb, after she is captured by an obsessed arachnologist, Doctor Avery, and his sidekick chameleon. With his colony, Arachnia at civil war due to overcrowding, Aran sets forth with his long-time female friend, Kip, to rescue the Golden Orb. The Golden Orb was captured before she could barter with Arachnia’s elders to lead them to a new land she had discovered. Along their journey, Aran and Kip discover, and join, an elite band of spiders also sent out by the elders to rescue the Golden Orb. There are both dangerous and hilarious situations for the group as they encounter birds, learn about group dynamics and meet their Mexican Tarantula desert cousin along the way. When they become separated, Aran and Kip must rely on their own wits to battle predators, the elements and their own self-doubts. The camaraderie and developing romance between Aran and Kip become apparent as they battle rats, blue tongue lizards, fire ants and bats. Meanwhile in Avery’s lab, he and his totally besotted pet chameleon, continually thwart the feisty Golden Orb’s escape attempts. Back in Arachnia, the overcrowding situation has become untenable. The colony elders order the elite spider group to return home, to help; but they make the irreversible decision to continue on with their mission. After narrowly avoiding insecticide and fire bombs (embers), the battle scarred elite spiders regroup and storm Avery's home, only for Avery to capture them all. With all hope lost, it is up to Aran to devise a rescue plan to save them. He must overcome his fears and self-doubts or his colony will self-destruct through over population.

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Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Indiana Jones
Author Bio:
Born to European parents in Australia, and through my global travels, I have always had exposure to many cultures, characters and situations. This all adds up to many enriching experiences and story ideas. Through my past and current vocations as a project manager, amateur theatre actor, youth counsellor, school teacher and sports coach, I observe and engage with many different people. I began writing for fun as a tween. My natural passion for storytelling has expanded to a full time hobby.

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Stage 32 Animation (Quarterfinalist) [2020]
Capital Fund (Semifinalist, aka Webbed Hot100=semifinalist) [2017]
Page Turner - First 15 (Quarterfinalist) [2019]