Tulsa, OK, 1921. When a young Black man is falsely accused of assaulting a White girl, it sets off a series of events that leads to over 300 deaths and the destruction of an entire event now known as the Tulsa Massacre.

DREAMLAND IS BURNING is the story of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, as told through the eyes of 100 year-old Mabel Little, former resident of Greenwood. Now dying of cancer, Mabel tries for one last chance at justice. She's tried every lawyer in Oklahoma, and now ambulance chaser Sam Cobb is her last hope.

But Cobb tells her he has no idea what she's talking about; he's lived in Tulsa his whole life and never heard of any massacre. Mabel tries to contain her anger and starts into her tale, a story that takes us inside the special place known as Greenwood...and gives us a front seat for its destruction at the hands of an angry mob.

Greenwood was a thriving Black neighborhood full of shops, stores, churches and restaurants. It was home to close to 10,000 people. And in one night, it was almost completely destroyed.

DREAMLAND IS BURNING gives the audience a front-row seat to how and why the massacre unfolded, and in doing so, holds up a mirror that makes us ask ourselves "How was this allowed to happen?" and "Could this happen again?"

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Starring Roles For:
Denzel Washington
Gabrielle Union
Brad Pitt
In the Vein Of:
Green Book
Hidden Figures
Twelve Years a Slave
Author Bio:
Former TV editor turned writer, Mr. Goedecke was the winner of the 2019 Fade In Awards True Story contest for DREAMLAND IS BURNING. His other scripts have placed highly in numerous contests. A former Californian, Mr. Goedecke now lives in Texas with his wife and three rescue dogs.

Contest Results:
Fade In (First Place) [2019]
Stage 32 Feature Drama (Finalist) [2020]
Fresh Voices Feature (Semifinalist) [2020]
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