The ugly duckling meets Cinderella set in a basketball genre and to hip hop music. Mookz an Aboriginal teenager hides behind a secret and a dream to play in the NBA. All the while struggling with a dysfunctional life and other obstacles to reach that goal.

MOOKZ 16, an Aboriginal teenager hides behind a secret and a dream to escape a dysfunctional family and play in the NBA. Mookz is a tall, gangly teenager just like the other CITY LEGENDS Basketball team members who are training for the finals against SKATZ 17 and the RAVENS. Very few people know that she is a girl, she dresses like a boy has cropped hair, a deep raspy voice and a distinct lack of femininity. Mookz confides in a life-size poster of Michael Jordan on her bedroom wall.

SARAH 14 her sister has been the victim of their mother' Beryl's boyfriend. BERYL 45 is a neglectful parent. She is obese and spends her time in bed watching TV and eating chocolate. When JOSIE 16, a schoolmate finds herself pregnant and commits suicide. Mookz is suspended from school after breaking the nose of a male student who disrespects her memory.

CURTIS 16 a tall Islander boy has a goatee beard that makes him look older than his 16 years. He is easily distracted by girls, partying and smoking pot. JOEL 18, Curtis's cousin comes to town. When the cousin's buy up at the Nike store, Mookz is embarrassed that she has no money. RANI 45, a proud Maori woman and owner of the BOOKSHOP.When caught taking cash from a tin box, Mookz is startled by Rani. Mookz agrees to work in the book store until she has paid off the debt.

Nike and Slam’n magazine run a competition to play one on one with Micheal Jordan and $1,000 of Nike gear she wants to win. But it's during the grand final between the Legends and Ravens that Skatz tells Mookz that he is the competition winner. TUKU 40, Rani's brother is Michael Jordan's driver while he's in town, and arranges a meet for Mookz. Skatz gets arrested for stealing the Porsche owned by the CEO of Nike, the night before the competition presentation. In his place, Michael Jordan invites Mookz, Curtis and Joel to play one-on-one with him. Mookz develops an attraction to Joel, and Rani helps her transform for the big end of season party. She takes Mookz dress shopping and gets her hair extensions. When Rani finishes, Mookz has turned into a stunning young woman. Tuku offers to take her to the party in his limousine. LIZZIE 16 a school friend doesn't recognise Mookz standing next to her and is shocked by the transformation. Mookz confides in Lizzie about her feelings for Joel. Lizzie introduces Mookz as Sharni and makes a promise that she will never reveal the secret. Joel leads Sharni out onto the dance floor when he kisses her she runs; he follows her outside only to see her get into the back of the white limousine and disappear down the road. Believing she is real Joel is desperate to find Sharni and appeals to Mookz to help him.

It's winter at the end of the basketball season, and the trio hardly sees each other. Curtis and Lizzie are a couple, and Mookz keeps busy at Rani's bookshop. When her appendix rupture she’s is rushed into surgery.

Joel, Curtis and Lizzie join Rani and Tuku at the hospital where Rani accidentally reveals Mookz’s gender. Joel is devastated, Rani assures him that Mookz is Sharni. Weeks later, he turns up at the hospital with a massive bunch of flowers.

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I am a woman who has travelled many highways. I am not invisible, I know stuff, and I have many stories to tell.